Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Olive dream

I dreamt I was in an old - no, a positively ancient - building, where archaic rituals took place and where creaking doors were opened as part of these rituals, seemingly as though they were portals to the very past itself.

I was there with a co-conspirator, we were infiltrators, out to cause serious havoc and mischief. We knew what to do: we were armed with a jar of pitted olives and some toothpicks.


Fire Byrd said...

Right, well armed and dangerous you'll be able to take on all comers then.
But exactly how are you going to use the pitted olives as weapons???

trousers said...

I don't know, FB, I really don't.

Sophia said...

You didn't by chance have cheese last night before bed, did you?! :D hahaha Seriously...every time I eat cheese in the evening, I end up having really crazy and off the wall dreams. hee hee

trousers said...

Sophia, I think this dream was actually Sunday night, not last night.

I mention that not to be pedantic, but because it would make sense: the fact is that Sunday night was the first night I steered clear of alcohol after a bit of a boozy weekend, and I think that was what caused the dreams.

Zhoen said...

"How to defend yourself against a man armed with a banana."

Or two men with olives and toothpicks.


zola a social thing said...

You are dreaming about blogging itself.

lakeviewer said...

Uh? Oh, I get it, a dream of youthful indignation. Will this end up as lyrics in your songs? Rock On!

Wait, one the comments talked about blogging. Darn, we're on the same wave lenght here, a generation, and a couple of continents apart.

trousers said...

Marvellous link, Zhoen - thanks!

zola, you surprise me. No you really do surprise me this time :)

I don't do lyrics, lakeviewer (not least because I don't sing), though if I did I'm sure I would be using such dream imagery as a source of inspiration. And yes, nice cross-fire going on here :)

tattytiara said...

Off to conquer martini land, eh? Dibs on being appointed minister of natural resources if you succeed!

Montag said...

Could be portals to the past...could be portals to the future, and part of your defense - along with olives and toothpicks - is seeing it as already happened.

Good dream, cloudy and comic; a mixture of Chtullhu and Martini & Rossi.