Friday, 6 November 2009

Miswriting the Signs

Yes, I read the sign correctly for once.

The sign was in the window of a furniture shop, which purportedly sells

Chester Draws

Must pop in there one day and see what the hell that is.


Fire Byrd said...

So could have been the world famous Chester doing a drawing class.
Or perhaps part of a news headline about the attractions of Chester.
Or a completely illiterate furniture shop owner who doesn't know his draws from his drawers.
And why chester why not setter.
As ever half the fun of your posts is the tag line.

Leigh said...

This really made me laugh - bit of an in joke I'm afraid, only to say that I'd have been in there straight away!

Reading the Signs said...

It's a kind of underwear, Trousers, and puts me in mind of the two Golders Green refugees making small talk (circa 1965, probably):

He: Winter draws on.

She: Mind your own business!

I could do with a pair, as it happens, but you can't get Chesters anywhere round here.

lakeviewer said...

Spelling is getting more and more creative, or miscreant.

Zhoen said...

That is their cunning plan.

bikerted said...

There was a shop near us a few years ago called Ann Teaks, an old fashioned junk shop.

trousers said...

Good suggestions FB - though it's definitely the illiterate shop owner. Glad you noticed the tags too :)

Leigh! Always good to see you. Would you enlighten me on the in joke, or is it one of those "you had to be there" kind of things?

Signs, I can put an order in fro you if you like :)

lakeviewer, definitely miscreant not creative in this case!

Zhoen - yes perhaps, like the shop owners who used to deliberately misplace apostrophe's (ahem) in their signs so that spelling fascists like me would go in there, point it out, and end up buying stuff.

Good to see you too bikerted. Reminds me I had an idea to open a chip shop combined with a financiers, which would be called Benny Fisheries...

My apologies.

trousers said...

Oops, and there's me making a hash of the word "for."

Montag said...

...somehow related to the sedentary cricketeer, Chester Fields.

tattytiara said...

I think I've heard of Chester Draws. Wasn't he wounded in the Arm Wars?

Montag said...

The Arm Wars?

I can't seem to place 'em.
I'm trying to remember the locale...they were "under where"??