Thursday, 19 November 2009

Fun sized chunks of anxiety

Sort of sums up my week, though not in a negative way: I've an extra gig coming up very soon, and as a consequence I have a set of material almost ready - much of which didn't exist in any usable or meaningful form this time last week.

I also have a slightly changed attitude towards my tinnitus (again, not in a negative way).

The gig will be a very different - and more mellow - affair to the other one that I've been planning for, hence the decision (a very daunting decision it was, at the beginning of the week) to work on material which will be, at least to a degree, more suitable for this particular occasion.

I've a couple of days away from all this though, my grandma turns 94 next week, so I'll be wishing her happy birthday this weekend.


Montag said...
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Montag said...

Oh, Lord. You have tinnitus also.
Today it sounds like "Double Norwich Court Bob Major" in my right ear!

Sophia said...

Good luck on your gig. I wish you the best. And hugs to grandma!!! :)

DJ Kirkby said...

Good luck and happy birthday to yoru Gran! I have a fabulous book to give away on my Chez Aspie blog from Sunday so please stop by and join in the fun if you get a chance before Tuesday eve. x

tpe said...

Fun-sized chunks of anxiety? That sounds almost doable, Mr T. It's a toss-up whether anxiety-sized chunks of fun might be easier, though. Hard to say.

Wishing you every success in your upcoming gig. You'll be a legend on the night, Trousers, I've no doubts.

Kind regards etc...


(Your granny's age is impressive, by the way. I hope you've remembered to bend her ear over the years and find out about life in the Twenties and Thirties. We must treasure the remaining witnesses - and perhaps annoy them slightly with our questions. Goes with the territory, I'm afraid, Gran.)

nmj said...

Happy Birthday to your wee granny, Trews!

trousers said...

Montag, a fellow tinnitee (I presume I just made that up)! Yes indeed I do, and have done since '92.

Thank you Sophia, I shall blog about the gig soon. My grandma is now 94, bless her.

Deej, thank you. Sorry I missed all the fun on your blog, it's been a hectic week what with everything, so I've not had much chance to be bloggy-sociable.

tpe, in the end, I wonder if it's actually the chunk-sized fun of anxiety. Yes, that'll do. Thank you too for your wishes, and as mentioned, I hope to blog it soon.

As regards my grandma, her recollection of life in the 20s and 30s is far clearer than her recollection of 20 or 30 minutes ago. It's good to hear her talk of such things, firstly because it's interesting anyway, and secondly because it means she's lucid.

I never really ask her direct questions: partially because she's as deaf as I aim to be, but also because she will naturally talk of such things when she's in the frame of mind to do so.

nmj, thank you :)

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