Monday, 2 November 2009

Heavy duty

I was in the supermarket yesterday morning, on the last day of a long weekend well away from work and anything related.

The cashier, as she was scanning my items through the checkout till, said

Do you want me to give you the heavy stuff?

My immediate (but thankfully unspoken) response, was to wonder whether I should ask,

What's going on? Is everything alright?

...and then I realised she was just referring to the stuff I was buying, that it would make sense put the heavier things in my bag first. At times like this I wonder if there's a part of me which never quite truly leaves work behind.

Still, I also remember the time when a cashier had to give me all of my change in coins. She apologised as she did so.

I'm sorry, I've got no notes.

I'm not sure quite how I resisted the temptation to say Well, how do you smell?, though it was probably for the best that I did so.


Zhoen said...

There must be a dialect disconnect, I'm really missing the other meanings here.

trousers said...

There's an old joke, where someone takes their dog to the vets and says "my dog's got no nose." To which the vet replies, "well, how does he smell?"
The dog owner replies, "terrible!"

So that's what informed the second one (and yes I'm not surprised you missed the meaning!)

Fire Byrd said...

And to think if only you'd followed your first thought you could have heard all her life's problems. it's as well you keep quiet sometimes!!

trousers said...

Well she did mention that she was hungover, FB - but then again she wasn't the only one. Anyway typical me, I do remember being at a bar having a drink once and the barman was offloading all his problems on to me - isn't it supposed to be the other way round?

Zhoen, Fire Byrd's comment should give you an idea of the first one in the post - heavy stuff = offloading of worries, anxieties etc etc.

Zhoen said...

Ah, somehow the idea of hard drugs was where I guessed. Heavy drugs/hard drugs... no? No.

Sorry, I try hard not to be dumb, sometimes I just fall in it face first anyway.

trousers said...

Hey Zhoen, heavy stuff could well be inclusive of hard drugs, especially given the context referred to.

Surely you're not falling in it face first - how could you, I'd fallen in it already :)