Monday, 7 September 2009

This page is designed not to have any text on it

- is what it said on otherwise blank pages amidst college documents relating to a course I was doing a few years ago. A bit of a design flaw there, I think.

Similarly, in that respect, I'm posting to say that I appear to be having a break from posting. I may continue with my ceaseless campaign of snide comments and irrelevances on other people's blogs (you won't get rid of me that easily, oh no), but otherwise it feels like it's time once again to put the old bloggy batteries on charge. It may mean that I catch up with the writing of (and responding to) emails, and perhaps even a bit of housework.

There will be more posts here as and when they appear, and hopefully they will be all the better for my having had a short rest in the meantime. Cheers me dears!