Monday, 7 September 2009

This page is designed not to have any text on it

- is what it said on otherwise blank pages amidst college documents relating to a course I was doing a few years ago. A bit of a design flaw there, I think.

Similarly, in that respect, I'm posting to say that I appear to be having a break from posting. I may continue with my ceaseless campaign of snide comments and irrelevances on other people's blogs (you won't get rid of me that easily, oh no), but otherwise it feels like it's time once again to put the old bloggy batteries on charge. It may mean that I catch up with the writing of (and responding to) emails, and perhaps even a bit of housework.

There will be more posts here as and when they appear, and hopefully they will be all the better for my having had a short rest in the meantime. Cheers me dears!


Zhoen said...

I shall expect some snide sarcasm on my blog very soon then?

Fire Byrd said...

OOOhh I'm looking forward to my snide sarcasm then, given I haven't had anything else recently either.!!!!

Sophia said...

Don't be gone too long! I JUST found your blog and I enjoy it. :)

trousers said...

Actually, Zhoen and FB, I think the last time I took a break I ended up posting a few rather lengthy - and non-snide - comments on other people's blogs, perhaps subconsciously balancing out the fact that I wasn't writing any of my own posts. I promise to be nice when I come and visit your blogs!

Sophia, thank you, and welcome! Do please excuse the poor timing... I don't think I will be too long, the fact of saying that I'm going to take a bit of a break tends to have more than a hint of reverse psychology about it - it becomes easier to think about what I want to post about again.

lakeviewer said...

We all need a bit of rest.

DJ Kirkby said...

Have a good rest and I look forward to seeing you around. x

Sophia said...

Hope your rest is going over well! :) Take your time.

Reading the Signs said...

Hosenkavalier, you can be as snide and irrelevant as you like chez Signs, for it is always good to see you.

Taking a blog break is (from recent experience) a good thing, for a space, at any rate. A bit like going on some dietary regime, I suppose. One misses things but there is the awareness that it is doing the system good. I won't extend the metaphor beyond this or it will begin to get complicated.

Merkin said...

Be cool.

zola a social thing said...

Bugger me. Trousers is planning to write a damned book.

Send me a copy me hearty and i will review it.

zhisou said...

Intentionally Blank, that's what it says on the unintentionally unblank pages that fill out the documents in my workplace.

I like it. It's like the "Do Not Read This" sign.

Sophia said...

Trouser!!!!! :)

trousers said...

Thank you all for commenting - and Sophia, I will be back very soon, I've just been a bit hectic over the last couple of weeks.

Anna MR said...

Hei housut, how's it hanging? I must say two things: I adore the title thing here. I could steal it for, say, my blog, you know what I'm saying? "This blog is designed not to have any text on it". You know I'm right. Secondly, I love what the esteemed Mme Signs has started to call you - hosenkavalier - that sounds suitably dashing.

But hei, that's another thing to say, and thank you for only shouting at me once, and thank you for all your visits and the way you put the fiendish Sexy in their place (like the dear LottieP, I, too, laughed when I read your reply. You could maybe come and do all my replies, housut, what do you say? I think I'm onto a good thing here).

I've been secretly following most things here, you know (undercover is my middle name. It is, in fact, what the M stands for. Shh, don't be telling), but haven't been able to say anything for the longest while, you see, because the connection between my keyboard and my mouth/fingers became seriously disrupted by Life as We Know It, but I'm hoping that the condition will ease off sometime in the foreseeable future. All the best and finest things to you in the meantime, of course, as ever, housut of hosenkavalier, and a big hello from the ever-darkening North.


trousers said...

Ah, delightful Ms Mr - and what an unexpected and welcome pleasure it is to see you again after all this time. It seriously is.

I'm glad to see that you've still been around, albeit in a secretive/lurking kind of way, and I hope that Life As We Know It isn't troubling you any more than it should, at least for now: or that, on the other hand - whatever it may be throwing at you - you're more than its equal. My best wishes to you with whatever is or has been going on.

Still, the fact that you have managed to find at least a small window of opportunity to be able to reconnect fingers to keyboard, suggests the possibility of improvement in such a condition.

Yes, hosenkavalier is quite a title is it not? I suspect the translation wouldn't sound quite so dashing, but that's why no one has translated it. Perhaps you'll be saying a few words of greeting to lovely Signs too, not least for the fact that she was instrumental in all of the efforts made on your last comment thread.

May I reciprocate then with an equally big hello and all of my bestest wishes, from the slightly-less-darkening further south, and I hope these darker days don't serve to dampen your spirit.

Truly good to see you, and I look forward to seeing you again - either round these parts or over at yours - when you are ready.


Anna MR said...

I could, of course, translate hosenkavalier into Finnish, if you'd like? It would, I suspect, appear rather interestingly exotic. How would you like to be known as housukavaljeeri? Nah, wait. It's almost the same as the German. I'm miffed now, my Northern exotica deflated like a Luftballon.

But hei, young housut of kavaljeeri, how are you? I have just crawled through your blog of late, laughing at the tags. Very, very funny and clever and nicely kept going, which adds to both the funny and the clever (and something I hadn't seen, reading you on googlereader) (and now I'm starting to sound like the patronising school marm again, dear God).

I also appreciated your description of how the thought processes tend to go during the hours of 3AM - 5AM. Me, too. What a royal pain it all can be, no? Break a leg with the gigs, as and when they happen.


trousers said...

I assume that hosenkavalier and housukavaljeeri are pronounced significantly differently though, no? In the same way that (to choose one of countless such examples) the Italian quaranta and the French quarante are practically the same, share the same linguistic source, but sound very different phonetically.

I hope so anyway.

By the way you do not sound patronising: I know for sure that it's not always easy and straightforward to give or receive compliments and the like (says he, feeling like he's being excruciatingly patronising, as if to simultaneously underline and undermine the very point he's making. He will also cease to refer to himself in the third person, post-parenthesis) - I do appreciate that you've noticed and enjoyed the tags, and shall therefore respond with a straightforward (despite the above waffle) thank you.

I've actually found it easier to write the tags in this way than to come up with "proper" tags, as it were. Perhaps it just suits me to write them in such a way.

I will let you know, of course, how the gigs go. There are two coming up, and I'll be in Berlin for a week immediately after the second one, but I'm sure I'll not be able to avoid blogging about it during that time.

May I reiterate that it's good to see you active again on these pages (and yours especially: I haven't commented on your latest yet but I suspect it's more heavily layered in metaphor than is immediately apparent. Lovely stuff all round) and to hope you're having a good weekend.


Concerned Anna said...

housut, I must say I enjoyed your smooth use of "underline and undermine" there. Expertly done.

I used to do tags all seriously like, once upon a time. That they'd categorise my posts neatly so that people could Really Follow What I'd Said and other ridiculous nonsense. Then I came across what TPE, bless his blogging socks, did and does with his tags, and I realised my take on them was that of a technocrat's, and that they were there to be had fun with. So I've tried to, and you have excelled in it, in a very individual trousers of housut fashion.

But look - I just came across this article on Reuters today (under my concerned name). Are you alright? What a horrendous experience that must have been. Hope you recover in time for gigs and Berlin.