Monday, 31 August 2009


In recent years, when I've returned back from a holiday - whether on these shores or further afield - I've tended to find the transition from holiday mode back to home/work mode an increasingly difficult one to manage, at least within the first couple of days or so of that transition.

Apart from the various - and obvious - benefits and attractions of a holiday, I think it's also about having the space for ideas to flow, ideas which otherwise get submerged by work related concerns and by routine, and so on and so forth.

I mention this because events like the one I played at on Saturday night also give me some of that space, albeit in a very different manner: a space in which I'm forced to engage with what's around me, the stuff of my everyday life and surroundings, rather than a blissful removal to a completely different location.

Thing is, it's just as good, because it reminds me that I can be part of things, feel more connected than I often allow myself to.

Anyway enough of such semi-abstract musings, the main thing to report is that the event was really good, memorable and enjoyable all round (it was a fundraiser for a good cause too). The atmosphere was warm and lively, and a lot of people turned up to see a number of weird and wonderful bands playing.

I played a relatively short set - around 20 minutes - since there was a fairly tight schedule to keep to. I seemed to get a very, very positive reaction too - in terms of immediate audience response, and also in terms of comments afterwards. It's given me a bit of a boost again, I must do more of this stuff.

What I've been left with in the aftermath (apart from ringing ears) is a feeling of increased confidence in such things, more than I've felt for a while. Time to capitalise on it.


Fire Byrd said...

Time to capitilse on it... OH YES!!!

lakeviewer said...

Yeah! Great going.

trousers said...

Thanks both. I didn't get anywhere near as drunk as last time either!

Leigh said...
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Leigh said...

[Right, got the spelling fixed now!]

I knew there was a reason I stopped by here first. I do love your posts, Trousers.

Glad you had such a good time at the gig. Have also just returned from holiday, and am still floating slightly from a particular day of solo mountain-walking. Both a blissful removal, and a connection with my surroundings. Best of both worlds.

Zhoen said...


zhisou said...

Well done sir! Fantastic, I hope it leads to more.

DJ Kirkby said...

That is brilliant that it had such a positive affect on you. Keep up the momentum.

trousers said...

Hi Leigh, zhoen, zhisou and deej and thanks: sorry it's taken so long to respond, see new post above. But thanks for all the comments, it really was a blast :)

Montag said...

I found this rather interesting. I mean, did you intentionally structure it the way you did, or was it a happy serendipity?

I guess what I mean is you spoke of the transition from vacation to work, then you did a transition from "semi-abstract musings" to "main thing to report", all of which reminds me of the play to work transition that began the post.

Very slick.

trousers said...

Montag, thank you for that. I have to say that I think the answer is a bit of both - I did intentionally structure it like that (I had to, for one thing, in order to keep it focused), but there's some serendipity in the fact that it appears to have worked out far better than I might have planned :)