Thursday, 27 August 2009


Sometimes I catch myself and wonder what I might look like should I reach a ripe old age (dependent on what the definition of a ripe old age might be). Then I remember my paternal grandfather, born in 1898 (and dead by the late 1970s), and it occurs to me that I'll possibly look like him more than anyone else.

His name was Evelyn. I remember him, as an old man of course, whereas I was a child. I do remember his eyes being full of spirit as much as his body was weary, and I can but hope.


B said...

things could be worse, then. keeping your spirit is the most important thing. x

trousers said...

keeping your spirit is the most important thing.

Yep, and equally to the point, is the fact that I was drinking spirit when I posted this :)

B said...

true on so many levels, then! :)

trousers said...

Oh yes, a post isn't worth writing unless there are meta-narratives, intertextualities and, erm, other stuff :)

Merkin said...

A pal of mine was organising a reunion of sorts.

He did a facebook page and included a widget that showed the changing faces of the participants morphing through the years.


It is also possible to get one that will show how you will look in a few years time.

I am timeless because I am bald.

I just tell them that I am a solar panel for a sex machine.

Never works.

trousers said...

That sounds excellent merk. Do excuse my ignorance too, I've received your email thanks, I'll check it out properly very soon...