Thursday, 26 November 2009


1. Apart from the temperature, one clear indicator of the fact that it's turned a bit cold round here is that, mysteriously (and maddeningly), the windows on the buses are open. Whereas during the few really hot and humid days in the summer, people kept them closed. Despite the heating being on.

2. I passed an elderly gentlemen earlier who was in conversation with someone. "It doesn't get any warmer, does it?" I heard him say. I was very tempted to march up to him and call him a climate change sceptic.

3. I'm onstage in a few hours.


lakeviewer said...

Keep on rocking!

Zhoen said...

Makes perfect nonsense.

Fire Byrd said...

and by now you may well be off stage. so hope it went fantastically well and you are feeling good.

tattytiara said...

I know I relied on the windows in buses more for filtering aromas than temperature controls.

trousers said...

lakeviewer, I am the epitome, the living embodiment of Rock...ok, I'm not, not at all. But I shall follow your instructions :)

zhoen, I hope so, or at least I think I hope so. Or both...or all three.

FB, thank you - and I'm feeling very good that I booked the day off work today :)

tattytiara, yes - and it would be more understandable if, say, someone was having a crafty cigarette or joint and had the windows open for that reason. But no such obvious cause and effect here. It's bizarre...