Saturday, 18 April 2009

Top Tips (the first in a probably non existent series)

I treated myself to some rather delicious spiced lamb burgers earlier.

It's amazing, as you can see, just how much fat drips off them when they've been done on the grill. One feels so much better and healthier as a result. Still, for a delicious, flavoursome drink, simply pour some hot water into the drip tray and then transfer the contents to a cup or mug.


Anonymous said...

That's a useful tip - I began a top tip series on my site a while ago and realised quickly that I was one trick pony when it comes to top tips.

Apart from chilling apples to create an entirely different fruit sensation, I have nothing much else to say.

You are therefore right to set our expectations low in terms of this being a long and revealing series. At least that's my experience.

Fire Byrd said...

I was enjoying reading this till the top tip and my stomach just curdled.
You'll be frying bacon next and putting the fat on the bread first.
Go and get a nice plain bowl of couscous and be bored but healthy!!

trousers said...

zhisou, I've often found myself writing words to the effect that I'll probably write more on a given topic, and then (apart from the "Misreading the Signs" that crops up from time to time) I rarely do. So the expectations are now set at the appropriate level :)

But chilling apples, you say? Now that sounds intriguing. By the way, for an unexpected taste sensation, try a bite of raw parsnip with a cherry tomato: it's explosive, and not in a bad way!

fire byrd, you mean...this doesn't actually appeal to you? Well I dunno...

Alright, the only time I've added hot water to such things is to help them drain before I wash them up. But part of me finds the absurdity of the idea irresistable - well almost.

Reading the Signs said...

All I can say is ew! I know it's american, but it perfectly expresses how I feel about the lambfat drink.

Mr. S likes eating frozen peas - while they're still frozen.

trousers said...

Hi signs. Maybe it's a case of "don't knock it til you've tried it" as regards hot lambfat...but then again maybe not. I might be tempted for just a taste, but no more, really. Unless of course it turned out to be really nice - but then it would be a case of balancing that out against life expectancy due to seriously clogged arteries.

Frozen peas, at least by comparison, sounds perfectly reasonable: in fact I'm sure I've done that myself plenty of times, though these days I tend to go more for tinned peas thus depriving me of such an opportunity (I realise this is getting less and less fascinating as I carry on...).

Reading the Signs said...

You are wrong about that, Trousers, believe me it gets more fascinating - and seems (how does that work?) to have put a smile on my face to boot.

trousers said...

Ah, well, that must be my Public Service Blogging aspect coming to the fore, as it does from time to time.

Glad to have made you smile: probably helped by the fact that I declined to go into a highly detailed exploration of the potential merits - or otherwise - of putting tinned peas in the freezer.

Reading the Signs said...

I think you might just have nailed it, Trousers.

WVLs are saying bless. I quite agree. Keep doing the good work.

trousers said...

...and bless made me smile in return.

PetLambOnToast said...

'Still, for a delicious, flavoursome drink, simply pour some hot water into the drip tray and then transfer the contents to a cup or mug.'Trollop.

(That is unless you have added a little bit of chilli and mint - in which case you are a ChefMerkin)