Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The enemy within

If I had the patience I would find, and link to, a clip from the original Alien movie. In particular, to the famous scene in which John Hurt has to be held down on a table whilst wracked with violent shakes and spasms until a terrifying and malevolent creature bursts into the outside world (well, spaceship anyway) from his stomach...I assume we're all more than familiar with that scene in all its grisly detail.

But no, I don't have the patience or the energy right now.

Still. Never one to get grandiose about my own mercifully rare bouts of ill health (well, maybe sometimes I do exaggerate just a little), I would have used that link as analogous with my own current trials and tribulations. No, I don't quite have alien creatures bursting agonisingly through my stomach walls, but I have had three days of rather violent and explosive disagreements with my digestive system - hopefully, I'm showing signs at last of being on the mend from the worst stomach bug I've ever had (most emphatically not an exaggeration, in case you wondered).

I've probably given far too much information already. I'm just glad it's happened at the start of this week, since I break up from work on Thursday (if I actually feel up to going back to work by then) for just over a week - by which point, fingers crossed, I'll be fighting fit once again.


Janette Jones said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear you've not been feeling well - dodgy kebab?

Mei Del said...

well at least you'll be having a good break now al that's cleared up

trousers said...

Hi janette, it seemed to start last Friday with an ill-advised chicken burger whilst I was on the move. But then by Sunday I was hit by some sort of gastric bug which was in a different league to the very mild upset I'd felt on Friday/early Saturday. I've been told one or two others at work are off with vomiting bugs so there's something nasty going round by the looks of it.

Hi mei, I spoke a little too soon yesterday about being on the mend but I'm definitely feeling more on the way to wellness today.

Reading the Signs said...

Sorry for your troubles, Trousers. I've never fancied the idea of chicken burgers and now fancy them even less.

(Billy Connolly used to pronounce it die-a-hoaree-eye-ay)

zola a social thing said...

What you need me dear Trousers is :-
a) lots of beer
b) a good beef curry, and
c) more beer before taking a cold shower.

That'l fix it.

trousers said...

Thanks signs, the burger was a convenience snack, and look how many days of sheer inconvenience it caused me. Though the burger might be the Lee Harvey Oswald of this particular scenario (if you see what I mean), given the turn of events (and stomach) that took a further couple of days to kick in.

zola, if I'd done that, I'm pretty sure I'd be dead by now. But thanks anyway :)

DJ Kirkby said...

Ooooh hope you are better now and happy (belated?) birthday. xo

trousers said...

Yes I'm better thanks deej - oh and it's not late, you're bang on time with the birthday wishes. Thank you! x