Thursday, 30 April 2009

Thirteen posts in April

...just feels appropriate. Therefore, this is the thirteenth post in April.

That's all for now. See you in May.


Merkin said...

Trewsman, have you read 'Mountains of the Mind' by Macfarlane.?

Every time I dip into it I think of you.

trousers said...

No I haven't merk but I love the title, and that makes it very likely that I'll delve into it myself.

Merkin said...

I picked this up in the pub library and it was a revelation.

I wished I could have teleported it to you because, I am sure, you have a greater basis for understanding it fully - delving in part into forays in the Peak District that you write so eloquently about.

One quote from the book is by Theophile Gautier 1868

I thought of the restless passion which drives men to undertake terrific scrambles. No example can deter them ... a peak can exercise the same irrestible power of attraction as an abyssSo once again, 'Mountains of The Mind - A History of a Fascination'

by Robert MacFarlane.

trousers said...

Thanks for that, it does sound good: I think I'll be sure to check it out.