Sunday, 21 December 2008

Time off

I can't believe that I won't be rudely awakened by the sound of the alarm tomorrow morning. The sound is so familiar, and some mornings it's like a barb. Not so tomorrow. The daft thing is that I'm probably going to wake up around the same time anyway, and before long decide I might as well get up.

It's a very different kettle of fish though when I can then do things - or not - at my own leisure, with none of the pressing concerns that are usually occupying my tired little mind.

But something has potentially changed anyway: I noticed last week. Normally, in the few days leading up to a break, I'm frazzled, tense and fraught - especially when it's so long since I previously had any time off. I did have quite a busy week this last week, but by Thursday I realised I was actually feeling very calm and composed, and it was an odd (but not unwelcome) feeling.

In fact I began to think that I might be starting to feel better in some respects than I have done in months. I've previously mentioned that I have a suspected allergy: I've been frequenting the GP surgery to have blood tests and presciptions and all the rest, to try and get to the crux of it. We're not quite there yet, I'm awaiting more results - but I've switched from taking antihistamine tablets, to using a nasal spray. It seems to be doing the trick overall - less sneezing and other symptoms for a start. But I also wonder if it means I'm getting better quality sleep since my nasal passages are clearer.

Whatever the case, I'm starting to feel a little less tired and run down, and this week should finally see me getting the rest I need. Thank goodness!


Trixie said...

I was only jsut saying to my mum, I'm so looking forward to not having my alarm going off at 7.45 tomorrow morning, as kids are off school (in fact not even with me).

I'll cherish the extra hour and a bit in bed before I have to go to work!)

zola a social thing said...

G'Day Trousers.
Time to wake up and "think full time" as the aged philospher would say.
There is no escape.

I know you will love my post today.

But just in case i miss Christmas I wish you a very merry time before the real alarm clocks begin to ring in january and febraury.

doctor feelgood said...

Sneezing means you have a strong sex drive in inappropriate places.

Queen Vixen said...

Really pleased to hear you are feeling better! Always good to feel calm on the run up to the hols, it means you will not need to recover for so long before you begin to really settle into the relaxation and fun. Good for you! xxx

trousers said...

Hi trixie, even an extra hour and a bit is a bonus!

zola, the same to you, I hope - in fact I'm pretty sure - you'll have a merry time of it too :)

qv, it's about time really - but yes I do feel a lot better, thanks. I am indeed getting some relaxation in, and the other thing is, I have another 13 days of leave to take, which will be in the next few weeks.

Given what you've mentioned on yours, I hope you manage to get some downtime too x

Reading the Signs said...

Thank goodness indeed, and hallelujah for nasal sprays and calmness. I can't say I've had much cause to use the former but the latter is always welcome. Working on it.

But Why? said...

I sympathise. Two days of rest and relaxation and I've summoned up the free time to return to blogland.

Sounds like you've been having one busy and not entirely fun time - I hope the xmas period and the attendant holidaying sees you right.

szwagier said...

Happy Christmas, trousers! :-)

trousers said...

Thank you signs, and here's hoping you had a good Christmas with as much calmness as was required. I'll pop over to yours and check soon enough.

Same goes for you too, dr wtf - I look forward to seeing what you've written.

Not entirely fun, no - there have been attendant frustrations the last few weeks - but thankfully there have been sufficient compensatory factors to keep me going. Some great things in fact.

szwag! - I never thought I'd hear (so to speak) those words from yourself! As surprising as they are welcome - and I do hope all is well with you.