Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A minute is a long time at this time of year

I know I posted something along the same lines this time last year: but today, round these parts, the sunset was at 1552.

Tomorrow the sunset is due at 1553.

That minute means a lot.


Katherine said...

Hmmm... I thought the 21st was that special day when the 'tides turn' so to speak... Not far away anyhoo!

trousers said...

Hi Katherine, yes the 21st is the shortest day - but the sunset starts to draw out a few days before that (ie tomorrow on the local chart), whereas the sunrise is still getting later, at a slightly faster rate.

If that makes sense!

Fire Byrd said...

well since you can repeat yourself....
I hope you use that minute wisely hon!
No I didn't remember what I'd said I looked it up and seemed to fit as well this year as last!

Trixie said...


Amazing how six months before the sun was setting at 2122!

DJ Kirkby said...

Lovely photo.

trousers said...

fire byrd, I was going to look back at my reply on last year's thread and post it again...but I really can't be bothered! I'm sure you understand.

It sure is trixie - and it's funny, on the one hand the changing of the seasons seems to pass me by and I'm quite oblivious - and then on the other hand, I come to a point of realisation that my whole routine, mood, energy levels and so on have changed. Well, onward and...across, if not upward.

Thanks deej, it was a lovely moment too. You have bench photographs which I took at the same spot.

Anna MR said...

I was going to ask the same question as Katherine (hello, howdoyoudo), but you cleverly answered me already, clever housut, and what's more, you've got me wondering whether we have the same morning-evening later-earlier weirdness thing up here.

Apart from that, I was going to misery-boast a bit and point out that over here, the sun rose at 9:23 today and set at 15:11, giving us 5 hours and 48 minutes of "daylight" (albeit a very grey specimen of the species).

Word ver: breek. Ideas?

trousers said...

breek - the sound of something snapping, such that it makes you jump? That's the best I can do for now, ms mr (I've been too busy counting).

I'm glad to have answered your initial question too: I wondered if I'd said it with enough clarity for one thing.

Do misery-boast away, for at this time of year you're surely at the sharp end of it all, and you have my sympathies: at least we're heading in the direction of longer days again.