Sunday, 7 December 2008

I think I could do with a lie down

...but all signs and symptoms today are entirely self-inflicted, thanks to a lovely party over at fire byrd's place. It was great to meet up with her and other bloggers (you know who you all are!) for another get together with much fine food, alcohol, and a whole load of conversation ranging from the very silly to the deep and meaningful.

I was glad for the opportunity also of a decent walk the same morning - in stunningly bright sunlight - and the whole day was a most welcome change from recent preoccupations. So thank you fire byrd for being an ever-genial host, and to fellow guests for being such fine company (and for putting up with that strange chap sat guzzling red wine and sporting a bloodshot eye).

Plus, finally, here's a picture from the previous walk that me and fire byrd went on, two months ago already.


Fire Byrd said...

It was lovely to see you, even with a bloodshot eye!
Really pleases we managed a walk before the alcohol!!!

Mei Del said...

it was really good to meet up with you again xx

Lady in red said...

next time Mei and I might brave a walk too

Merkin said...

The Scorpions = Krautrock?

trousers said...

Ah yes merk, I did see that.

The Scorpions = Krautrock. Discuss.

Well yes and no. Depends on your definition of Krautrock. From what I gather, it was originally a pretty broad definition, basically covering (at the time) modern, German rock music - which was pretty stylistically diverse - not just the experimental stuff. I do have a compilation somewhere which makes this point - and which has the Scorpions on it.

For the partygoers above - sorry, I've been rubbish at replying again recently - but yes, good to see you all too, bloodshot eye or not! Many thanks for food, conversation, walking, lifts to station and so on and so forth. You're all fantastic! x

Merkin said...

Thought you may have a thought on that.

Shortly before coming back here, I was asked to do an 'underground'album by a pal of mine who wanted (my definition) Krautrock of the kind you like with me writing lyrics and possibly singing.

It was very dark and interesting stuff - he gave me some demos done in his own studio.

Fell by the wayside with me returning here.

He already had a deal for it and was well pissed of that I hadn't been more help.

C'est la vie.

trousers said...

Well of course I was going to say a thing or two about that merk - I was half-wondering about going on and on and making points about other labels such as "Indie" (finishing, with a flourish, on how Kylie Minogue and Rick Astley et al regularly used to top the Indie charts in the late 80s or thereabouts, much to the chagrin of many "purists" or whatever).

Well anyway...maybe there's a future post in there somewhere.

Big shame about that Krautrock album though, it does sound intriguing. If it gets to see the light of day in any shape or form, let me know.