Monday, 15 December 2008

Thank goodness...

...I'm ten years older.

Otherwise, the likely scenario would have been:

** I would have had a terrible weekend.

** I would have probably called in sick today: my day at home would have been as terrible as the weekend would have been, anxiously turning over Friday's events in my mind and wondering whether I'd allowed myself - or rather my drinking - to get completely out of hand, and my behaviour with it.

** I wouldn't have been a good-natured drunk on Friday night.

** I would be looking for ways to blame other people for how drunk I got, rather than taking the responsibility myself.

** I would be feeling pretty low right now, as opposed to thinking about the good-humoured conversation I had today with my colleagues about Friday night.

** I wouldn't be feeling as good as I am about the arty things done in the group at work today, and how well they've turned out.

Yes indeed, thank goodness.


B said...

Err. Yay?

I had to read that twice (I'm not feeling very well which is prob why - not taking things in as well as usual!) Worth it though.

Glad things are going well. Isn't it nice not to have the unnecessary traumas any more?!

Fire Byrd said...

Sounds like the office party!!!
Glad you are ok with yourself as a result, nothing worse than self hate after a tad too much drink.

Mei Del said...

what i'd like to know is what kind of out of hand behaviour might a 10 years younger trousers have indulged in?

why does word veri suggest propona - to be read proper, nah!

DJ Kirkby said...

Congratulations on 10 years hard work and self improvemnt. xo

zola a social thing said...

I can only guess that this means you did not drop yer trousers.

trousers said...

b, I presume you picked up on a sense of ambiguity, which was part of the intention - because yes, it is most definitely nice to no longer have the unnecessary traumas, but very, very occasionally, one pauses to think, "there but for the grace of god..." or suchlike.

Get well soon!

Correct, fire byrd. Yes I'm more than ok with myself, what anxiety I did feel was nothing that I couldn't bear - plus all was ok.

mei, I don't know if I could possibly share such tales... Actually overall it was less about my behaviour and more about the potential for things to go badly wrong. Hence the sense of ambiguity in the post as mentioned further up in this comment: while the party, the weekend and all the rest was fine, there was just a little reminder of darker places I wouldn't want to return to. A very timely reminder, I might add.

Thanks deej! In terms of change and/or improvement, I'd draw an analogy with someone running. Sooner or later, they've got to stop doing it and take a breather.

zola, where you there 10 years ago? ;-)

Merkin said...

Thought of you, Trousers (for obvious reasons).

'Another recommended book is that by Craig Murray former Ambassador.
Soon to be published, he has sent us a copy.
Shocking stuff.
Well worth a look.

I am Spartacus.'

It may be a bit strong for you but you get my drift.

zola a social thing said...

It has come to our attention that a certain Conservative leader, from Wales, Nick Bourne, has been claiming expenses.
One of these claims is for monies paid to "The Trouser Press".

Can this be?
We need to know.

Merkin said...

That Zola has spies everywhere.

trousers said...

He clearly does, merk ;-)

By the way, relating to the previous comment, Craig Murray does ring a bell...I wonder if it's from having read Robert Fisk's The Great War For Civilisation.

DJ Kirkby said...

Not nessesarily Trousers, not everyone listens to their body and hears when it is time to stop. Some just keep running till they keel over. You done good!

trousers said...

Fair enough deej, it's how it felt to me or how I made sense of it afterwards - but I shall accept graciously the point that you're making :)