Saturday, 27 December 2008


Well, less of the mania. There's something very soothing about making a fire, watching it take hold, gradually feeling the warmth, and then realising you've been sat there for the best part of an hour, utterly absorbed.

Watching shapes form and dance in the glow, and imagining.

It's just a shame there isn't a loop setting on the player.


Queen Vixen said...

You will be watching the Salamanders dance. Its hypnotic. They are the elementals of fire. You see, you didnt realise that did you? lol - having a lets get back to good, healthy wierdness day today xxx

Anna MR said...

Wait - "the player", you say? This needs clarification, housut my friend. Have you been watching (and before that, making, cetra) a real fire, or a video clip of one? And if you have been involved with the real thing, is the fire in the film clip yours?

(And hello, Ms Vixen, pleased to meet you, and I like the salamanders' dance. Thank you for the revelation. I don't have a fire, alas, but I do have a candle in a tin bucket, on the balcony. Do you think a tiny tadpole of a salamander could be dancing there? Oh, I hope so.)

trousers said...

I most definitely didn't realise that, qv - but knowledge is power, I do believe :)
You know me, I'm not averse to a bit of weirdness here and there...

ms mr! Clarification is incoming: I have indeed been making, tending and being warmed by a very real fire in a very real fireplace. And yes, 'tis the same fire as in the clip.

I was just hoping the blogger vid player might have a loop facility, then it would have been good to watch it over and over. And over. Fellow bloggers deprived of the delights of a real fire could experience it vicariously here, as little or as often as they so wished (without having to press play every 10 seconds).

Mei Del said...

sadly too the video seems to make the flames go superfast

ejenne said...

hi trousers. I'm pleased to be able to watch the fire without feeling its warmth as its summer in Aus. And after another day on the beach my arms are badly sunburnt (forgot to apply sunscreen to these limbs). I'd be much happier if the salamanders were green and made of aloe vera.

trousers said...

Ah - I remember these flames, mei, and that's exactly how they were :)

No, sometimes it goes a bit fast but if you play it a second time, it's pretty much how it should be.

ejenne, lovely to see you, and sorry to hear you're a bit sunburnt. Maybe some of us will be in such a state in, oh, 7 months time...Hope you've had a good Christmas? I really can't imagine it so sunny and warm. I'll pop over to yours and see how things are going anyway.

DJ Kirkby said... might just be my brain but...isn't that fire burning too fast?

nmj said...

that is indeed a fast fire, trews!

zola a social thing said...

The talk with the campfire?

It seems quite different from the talks from the pulpits or the school multi-cultural tables with team work.

The campfire fires and as it fires we can refuse face-to-face contact or blogging contact. We can just think with the fire.

Like fires I do.

trousers said...

Hi deej and nmj, it's all very odd, this - it looks fine to me except for when it skips a little when you first play it. Maybe I make fast fires as well as warm ones?

That's it zola, just think with the fire. Like it I do.