Tuesday, 30 December 2008

End of year list type of post

That's right, this is the part where I list the best and worst of 2008 and all that kind of stuff.

Here goes:

Best Fall Album of 2008:

Imperial Wax Solvent.

There, that's it, I really can't be doing with any more.

Mind you, back to the first category, my other favourite Fall album of the year was Dragnet. Ok - strictly speaking, the year in question was 1979, I'll grant you that - but I bought it this summer and have played it almost as often as this year's winner.

My other main reflection on 2008 is that, regardless of all else that has been going on (and is currently going on) in the world, it has been 12 months which have greatly surpassed all expectations for me on a personal level. Maybe that's because really I didn't have any expectations at the outset, but I think that says a lot in itself. Whatever ups and downs there have been, it's felt like I'm heading in a better direction.

However, neither do I have any real expectations as regards 2009.

Well...maybe one.

A new Fall album would be nice.


Mei Del said...

a short end of year list - whew. i thought about doing one and then thought nah can't be doing with it well, maybe if i get pissed enough i might...

trousers said...

A necessarily short list, mei, it said all that needed to be said :)

Still, if you get pissed enough, then a longer list could be verry entertaining!

kunal said...

u dont have expectations in 2009 shows by your really short 2008 year list.

zola a social thing said...

I want a longer list
I want a longer list

OK I can wait until midnight as Trousers lists weel then.

Reading the Signs said...

I would read a longer list too, Trousers. But this is good - helps me to keep my finger on the pulse. Imperial Wax Solvent feels like a very inauspicious title, but I will just take your word for it that it must really be something as it heads your Best Of 2008. Will research on Youtube.

Happy to know that the year was good for you. I need to adjust my expectation level I reckon.

trousers said...

Exactly, kunal, hopefully there's some kind of internal logic working there. On the other hand, you could say that the list is as much about what isn't on there (and I don't mean just in terms of albums by The Fall)..

zola, I'm sure I will be listing by that point - I'll let you know if I can even remember...

signs, The Fall aren't exactly everyone's cup of tea - but how many bands do you know who's 27th album is better than their first, not to mention a late-period career highlight?

Exactly. But they're an acquired taste.

As for a longer list, well usually I only do lists when somebody tags me: it would feel a bit odd effectively answering my own questions. I'd say that in a way, many of the highlights and low points of the year are what this blog has consisted of throughout.

I wouldn't say unequivocally that the year was good: but definitely, much better than I would have hoped. The negatives and the worries have at least been balanced out by positives, with plenty to carry with me.