Saturday, 1 November 2008

Time for Justice




Fire Byrd said...

uuuuummm thank you!
I think I'll stick with John Legend today.....
Obviously an aquired taste that somehow I'm missing.
And I thought the stuff Alex made me listen to was off the wall.

trousers said...

You mean you don't like it?????

I saw him in concert this summer, it was excellent - though he only played for about 20 minutes because the glass was thinner than he usually uses.

French Fancy said...

Hello trousers, I've black boxed my way to you. I think our musical tastes are somewhat different - good, I hear you snort - but it doesn't mean I'm not willing to listen to new things.

Hope the auditors didn't cause you too much lost sleep.

trousers said...

Thankfully I didn't lose any sleep, french fancy (nice to see you, it's been a while since I had any known visitors via the black box). Just was in a state of permanent run-downness.

As regards taste, well I see from your profile that we have Nick Drake in common ;-)

Katherine said...

Hmmm, I think I spent the whole time watching that clip with my mouth open in a horrified grimace of disbelief... Although they are just across the Tasman, Aussies come up with some weird and wonderful things, don't they? But I'll stay with Tommy Emmanuel, thanks. Bit conventional, me. :-)

trousers said...

Hi katherine, that's just like a colleague of mine when I showed her a different clip of the same guy the other day.

Each to their own, I suppose ;-)

Kenny said...

Never seen something like this before,how does he do that noise!?