Thursday, 13 November 2008

A number of unrelated matters

...well, three unrelated matters anyway. But then, three is a number after all.

*Regular reader(s) might know I've not exactly been unwell of late, but not exactly 100% either: tiredness, lethargy, cold symptoms (including binge-sneezing) amongst other things, compounded a few days ago by sleeplessness and also a cricked neck. Most of the symptoms haven't been so bad in themselves, the problem has been that they've been lingering for 2 or 3 months now, and it's not really much fun.

So I went to the doctors, and it appears that I may have an allergy. I'll be having some blood tests soon, in the meantime I'm taking some anti-allergens: they've stopped the binge-sneezing at the very least and I'm hopeful that some of the other symptoms will be relieved too.

Also my sleeping patterns appear to be settling down (thank goodness - I'm utterly rubbish if I miss out on sleep), though this is a seperate thing from any possible allergies, and more the aftermath of hectic and intense times at work, what with the audit amongst other things. It has at times been difficult to switch off from a constant flow of thoughts and of information.

*This coming weekend I'll be in Paris.

*RIP Mitch Mitchell


Mei Del said...

oh i wish i were going to paris again - how are you getting there? bur the exchange is rubbish at the mo ...

perhaps the change will perk you up

Fire Byrd said...

Have a wonderful time. I'll look forward to hearing all about it.
Bon Chance, mon ami

trousers said...

Hi mei, and good to see you again. Flying there, thank goodness since we're just there Sat/Sun.

I'm already feeling a little more perked up, at least since the beginning of this week..

Thanks fire byrd, and no doubt I'll be taking photographs aplenty too. En plus! xx

zola a social thing said...

Good luck to you Trousers.
Give it your best hit.

But please do not ring those bells.

DJ Kirkby said...

Have a great hol. I hope that you feel restored afterward...careful you don't mid alcohol and antihistamines. Oh and can I have some bench pics please?

Rob Clack said...

Hope you're having a fabulous time in Paris. I love it.

I've tagged you. Please don't feel obliged.

That's So Pants said...

Hi Trews

Don't worry - NO ONE is allergic to Paris.



szwagier said...

Hope Paris was a success.

trousers said...

Thankszola, I certainly did give it my best.

deej, I allowed myself drinks in moderation (my tablets say avoid excessive amounts of alcohol!) - oh and you have hopefully received the first batch of pics by now.

Hi rob, yes it was fabulous, really was. I had a quick look at the tag last night - just briefly. I may do it, I'll keep it as a reserve possibility to maybe do in the next couple of weeks if you don't mind :)

pants, I can only nod sagely at such words.

*nods sagely*

Definitely szwag, see new post.