Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Election day collision food

It's been one of those days in which I've felt constantly tired throughout. I wanted to stay in bed, felt like dozing while I was on the bus, and took a good hour and several cups of tea at work before I felt capable of functioning at any kind of level.

Even though it's been an ok sort of day and I've got plenty done, I just haven't managed to shake that tiredness: my eyes have felt like they're set 3 inches further back in their sockets, and have had that achiness which feels like it can only be quelled by many hours of deep sleep. My limbs have lacked energy, I haven't had the co-ordination, I've been clumsy and distracted.

Whenever I've had a moment's stillness I've just wanted to curl up and sleep.

So I did have a lie down and a bit of a doze immediately upon getting home, and that has served to refresh me just a little.

What got me out of such a state of repose, though, was the thought of food.

I wondered if I should be lazy and go to the chipshop. No, no point in spending the money, and I'm not sure if I can be bothered to step outside the door again, at least just yet.

Perhaps I might cook myself something simple and straightforward with the veg I've got left in the fridge, perhaps with rice or pasta and some herbs and spices. Nah, don't really feel inspired by that. Again, can't be bothered.

Then I remembered some of the things I'd got left in the cupboard: a tin of chipshop-style mushy peas; some tinned mackerel fillets (in mustard sauce); some super-noodles (with sachet of barbecue beef sauce).

Somehow, this latter range of options inspired me. Or at the very least, the idea of heating them up, throwing them in a bowl and eating them all together made me grin. One thing for it then: a bit of cordon-bleu-style opening of tins and heating of food later, and I was faced with a steaming bowl of bbq beef noodles, chipshop-style mushy peas, and mackerel fillets in mustard sauce.

I wonder if there might be something in the rather bizarre collision of flavours that might have appealed since they might - whether seperately or in this odd combination - serve to bolster my flagging system? Who knows. I did half-expect the whole thing to taste disgusting.

Perhaps on a day when I might feel more like my normal self (if there is such a thing) it might indeed have tasted disgusting. But this evening, and probably this evening only, it was fantastic, and I feel much better.


Ms Melancholy said...

Hey Trousers,

I have just read your ingredients out to Badger and Stray....Badger has asked me to inform you that you could be locked up and never released for admitting to this. Stray is stunned to silence, which, as you well know, is nothing short of a miracle.

I only hope you recover soon, young Trousers.

PS Stray asked me to mention that The Poetics of Space is one of her favourites too x

Katherine said...

Oh, I dunno ms Mel... There's omega oils in the fish, complex carbohydrates in the pasta - releasing energy slowly, and the mushy peas have plenty of protein and sugar. Sounds like a balanced diet to me! In addition it's all tasty and soft and comfort-food for someone who needs a bit of TLC...

Add a glass of grape juice and bowl of fresh strawberries and yoghurt for afters, and I'd have been happy to join you Trousers!

Fire Byrd said...

Maybe you need some different basics in your store cupboard for next time, as doesn't sound like a meal that you'd want to eat too often!!! (if at all ever again)

Merkin said...

' mackerel fillets in mustard sauce.'

To die for, big man. Yummy.

zola a social thing said...

Mint !
It is mint that you need.

Trixie said...

Doesn't sound bad to me... that's what I tend to do on most nights, see what's left in the cupboard and throw it all together! Tastes really good because it only took a minute to prepare!

Hhmmmm....I have canned tuna, mushroom soup, and microwave rice for dinner tonight!

That's So Pants said...

Hi Trews

Sounds like the sort of wacky brew I'd fix myself the day before a long trip.



trousers said...

ms m, I think I'm actually secretly pleased to have had such an impact on badger and stray! If it had genuinely been disgusting then I would have thrown it in the bin and gone to the chip shop instead. Rather it was, I'd say, a bit quirky.

You sound like you know what you're talking about, katherine, but it certainly worked for me. I'd probably plump for bananas and yoghurt with a dash of honey if I was going to have dessert, mind you..

fire byrd, well yes I did have some more sensible things in the cupboard - not much, I'll admit - but none of it tickled my fancy. This just seemed like the right thing at the right time. As to whether such a thing would appeal again...well if it does, chances are I'll post about it!

Oh yes, merk, they were indeed.

Mint, zola, could have been the straw that broke the camel's back - or it could have made it even more of a delight. Who knows....it's real knife-edge stuff this, isn't it? :)

Hi trixie and nice to see you again. I have to say, tuna, mushroom soup and microwave rice sounds alright to me! Most times if I just want something quick I'll go for cheese on toast - or one of my faves which is cheese, humous, tomato and mushroom toasted sandwiches (with wholegrain mustard), rather than such a random-sounding concoction.

Hi pants, do let me know if you have any recipes ;-)

DJ Kirkby said...

Sounds tasty to me. Hey Trousers if you are still feeling tired it could be becuase you have come down with this new virus that is going round. So take it easy as it might take as long as a couple of weeks until it passes.

trousers said...

Thanks deej, it's something which has been lingering for a good few weeks now, with a break of a few days here and there. Frustrating more than anything.

Braja said...

Yo, Trousers! Found you on Black Box, I love that thing, I'm hooked! Cruisng around your blog...come on over to mine if you're free :)

trousers said...

..already have, braja - nice to see you and thanks for saying hello!