Sunday, 9 November 2008


Not much to report at the moment, unless I'm to continue moaning about feeling tired and all the rest...but that would be tedious.

So just a brief post, and another favourite song of mine to link to (and no, nothing as out there as the last one I posted). While I really love the music, there's a demo version of this on the original release which is just a voice and a quietly-strummed acoustic guitar - it's devastating, and highly poignant.

The lyrics carry a lot of resonance too.


Merkin said...

Liked it - saw the comment about the artwork too and added it to my favourites.

Can't remember if I sent you this from the Beck's advert.

Fire Byrd said...

I like this.....

trousers said...

Glad you liked it merk. I remember the first time I heard it (most probably on Peel) and it just sort of grabbed me.

Yes, you did send that link before, it's rather good :)

Really, fire byrd? That's another rare moment of having some shared musical taste then ;-)
Glad you like it.

nmj said...

Well, you know what I think about the tiredness, you rest/sleep til you are well again, better a week off work than a year or ten!

DJ Kirkby said...

Sorry to hear you are still feeling cruddy. This flu is a nasty one. I can't listen to your song right now as everyone else is asleep so later on today I will be coming back. xo

trousers said...

It's not really flu in my case though, deej - in a way I wish it was (be careful what you wish for, I know) so that I could take time out for proper R & R, but it's just a number of lingering, residual signs and symptoms which just aren't quite going away :(

Appreciate the thought very much, all the same x