Thursday, 20 November 2008

A few more

As threatened, I've added a few more pictures from the weekend (I'd worry about the person who didn't realise this).

This week has gone quicker than I expected, I thought it would really drag given that I had such a good and memorable weekend, but without taking any days off work to recover: I had travelled straight over to see my friends on Friday evening, and the following morning we flew to Paris. We were back home late Sunday night (I haven't blogged the Sunday, not because there were any secrets or because it was any less enjoyable than the Saturday. It just feels like what I've written already is enough to capture it) and I was at work on Monday.

I think what helped on my return to work (though it really wasn't easy) was being there to run the art session on Monday: whatever else happens, getting home and finding I've still got flecks of paint on my hands and under my fingernails, reminds me that there are things which are worth holding on to no matter what.


Fire Byrd said...

Love that last paragraph, simple but so profound about holding on to the big stuff in life.
hugs xx

trousers said...

Thanks fire byrd, and thank goodness for my art class! x

Anonymous said...

Nice photos trousers, I like Paris, I´ve only been once and it seemed charming but confusing. I had a sorbet on Ile de St Louis or something, I may have got the name wrong (behind the big church with the hunchback).

Now that I have children I have no desire to travel anywhere at all - they suck the fun right out of travel - however, in theory, I would like to revisit the French capital one day and perhaps be less confused.

trousers said...

Hi zhisou, and good to see you again. Must admit, it's been a while since I popped over to yours (a state of affairs I must soon rectify).

To be honest, there wasn't enough time for me to be confused - I was being led by others who know the place reasonably well. I was fully aware that I had no sense of bearings whatsoever, but just kind of went along with it. Maybe next time I visit - because I would certainly like to go again - there will be the time to get more of a sense of it as a place.