Saturday, 28 August 2010


Negative changes are impacting on the remaining things which I value about work, and indeed which have been the only things making me want to stay there.

They also are likely to impact on things such as free time, morale and so on.

I feel I could do something rash, like resign, which is perhaps not the most sensible thing in the current climate. For the immediate future it's a case of grit my teeth and carry on.

I continue to work on my music a lot more, and I feel that in some respects this is driven by a sense of sheer spite.


Carol said...

Oh that's not sounding good! I suggest you dust off the old CV and start looking (I've got two friends who have recently changed jobs so there are still some out there if that makes you feel any better!)

C x

Reading the Signs said...

oh, oh the workplace - the Human Resources or whatever they call themselves now. Do they speak of Harmonisation etwa? Nightmare.

Keep the doing your creative stuff, Trousers - fight the good fight.

trousers said...

Carol, I do hope that this serves to spur me on - not just with respect to work, but with holding on to (and increasing) the things that make me feel ok.

Signs, I will, I will. Please nag me if I don't.

Thank you both.

Zhoen said...

Try to make it funny spite, save your teeth. Hum at work. And do try to find another job, even if that doesn't work, it will help in the coping.

trousers said...

Thanks Zhoen. I've woken up this morning still full of annoyance and all the rest, but I shall try to follow your advice.

Sophia said...

OH my gosh, I can TOTALLY relate to what you're saying here...same things I am dealing with in my own job and frame of mind regarding the place!!! Ugh!

trousers said...

Sophia, I view you as a fellow traveller as regards such things. I'm trying to keep as much of a "don't let the bastards grind you down" mentality as much as possible. Not always easy. But I aim not to fail in my resolution to ultimately not let this get the better of me. I'll have my moments - I have done already - but I'll be ok with losing battles as long as I win the war.

btw you can always rant at/to me via email about where you're at if you wish (I think you can do it via the "followers" links), I'm more than happy to share but only if you're comfortable.

Jennifer said...

Spite's a perfectly good driver. I'm in a same spot re: job and have been considering whether it's time to update my CV. Hang in there!

trousers said...

Thanks Jennifer. Yes I think it's time for considered action despite feeling like resigning more than once in the last couple of weeks. You hang in there too!