Wednesday, 4 August 2010


I'm struggling with words at the minute. Oddly, I'm finding it easier to engage in various technical processes which facilitate the making of music - something that I often find myself putting barriers up against (and moaning about it on here).
So I'm switching the PC off and the speakers and bits of equipment on, before the urge escapes me.


Fire Byrd said...

:) to making music
:( to turning off the PC,cause you won't know what I've said!

Carol said...

Go with the urge...and post what you create once your done :-)

C x

trousers said...

I might post what I create...if it gets anywhere. Zig-zaggy, unsteady progress, always.

Zhoen said...

Gear lust.

(Yours, not mine. I just live with one who gets that a lot.)

trousers said...

It's a nice bit of kit, Zhoen, a recent purchase. Something I very rarely do, since I'm as excited by random and rather junky pieces of equipment that I might come across or that someone's giving away.

This, then, is a relatively rare instance of "new and shiny" :)