Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Chilli for the time of year

I was given a chilli plant.

This was back in April.

I wondered if it was ever going to provide me with any chillis.

How did I miss this?


Zhoen said...

Sneaky, ain't they?

Janette Jones said...

It was wearing it's camouflage outfit? PS I wish my tomatoe plants would at least make an effort..

Fire Byrd said...

So when's the curry being made then?

DJ Kirkby said...

Wow, that's big. What kind is it?

trousers said...

Damn sneaky, Zhoen. I'm now looking so much more closely for evidence of further chilli activity on said plant, I really can't believe I missed seeing these first two for so long.

Janette, hi by the way! I've been lurking over at yours again, I really ought to be a little more sociable. But yes, you could well be right.

The mention of tomato plants makes me think of greenhouses, paraffin heaters, and being sat in there during rain and thunder. Anyway - hope you manage to fare a little better with them.

FB, I still haven't got over the fact that it's actually producing chillies - I haven't got as far as thinking what I'm going to cook yet!

Deej, it's a hybrid or grafted thingy I think, called "Medina" - hope that's of some use.