Friday, 20 August 2010

The shorter the week = the thicker the treacle

In which I demonstrate my hitherto undisplayed facility for equations.

Well no, not really.
I'm now off work for a few days, but there seems to be a sense of inevitability as regards what one has to wade through in the period leading up to a bout of holiday. This week has been no exception and working hours have left me variously angry, bewildered and tired out.
I'm not going to dwell on that though, the onus is now upon me to do some serious switching off and leaving such things behind for a spell.

What has been a Good Thing this week though is that, following on from my previous post, I've spent a fair few hours in the evenings hunched over my laptop and working on more music.

Not, it has to be said, that I've been able to translate (or transcribe or whatever) the various ideas that were swimming around in my head last weekend - nonetheless, I've been able to maintain a sense of flow, of continuity and of sheer absorption in it all. To dig up many scraps of older, unfinished ideas and to either discard them, or to begin working on them afresh, or to incorporate one piece into another.

I've maintained an environment for myself which allows for escapism and concentration: candlelight only, internet switched well and truly off, other distractions pushed to the background.

It's been lovely, actually, and if a bit of toil at work has pushed me to further engage with the things which make me feel better, then I've done the best I could over the last few days.

I now have a change of scenery until after the weekend, and I'm sure that will help me to switch off too.


Carol said...

I found this post really uplifting! You've taken the negative stuff at work and chanelled it into being creative and doing something you love and I think that is totally fab!! There is nothing quite like loosing yourself in the creative process :-)

Are we going to get to hear any of the stuff you've been working on?

C x

Reading the Signs said...

This sounds lovely, Trousers, and I was going to say almost the same as Carol, but with the word "inspiring". It is good to hear about creatives being creative. Makes one feel more - you know.

trousers said...

Thank you both!

Carol, you may get to hear some of may not. It depends. I've only ever posted one work in progress up here, it tends to leave me feeling a bit exposed.

Signs, yes - I know :)