Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The thing that keeps me sane the art group that I run on a weekly basis with a colleague.

To our delight, it's starting to get busy.

Depending how things go, we may have to run two art groups.

These things mean a lot.


Fire Byrd said...

oh two would be wonderful... I know how much that would mean to you... I'll keep my fingers crossed.

trousers said...

Yes indeedy fire byrd, and thank you. I realise that this might be tempting fate by posting it though...x

nmj said...

I have been privileged to see photos of the wonderful art that your class produces, and I am not surprised that your tuition is proving so popular. You must be chuffed as hell! I think creativity is what keeps a lot of us sane.

Mei Del said...

that is fab news and also crossing my fingers for you x

The Periodic Englishman said...

Don't worry about tempting fate, Mr T (referring to the answer you gave to Fire Byrd). Any fate you may be tempting is just as likely to be precisely the fate required. Plus, if something is fated, then it's going to happen anyway. So tempt away. Some things need acknowledged and celebrated and imbued with our secret hopes - and fate is just going to have to get used to that fact.

Wishing all manner of successes upon you and your group,


trousers said...

Thank you nmj, those are welcome words (as are fb and mei's words - mei thanks for crossing your fingers!).

Yes I am chuffed, I surely am, if a little cautiously so as per usual. But it's very promising.

Wise and measured words about fate, mr tpe. I heartily agree, though it feels almost obligatory to add the thing about tempting fate somewhere into the proceedings. For my benefit that is - like a box ticked.

Your best wishes are much appreciated.