Thursday, 26 February 2009


Most of the stuff I have on vinyl I don't often listen to these days, but I can easily find it on youtube. This one being a case in point.

Personally I recommend ignoring the visuals: not that I'm implying criticism of them, it's just I've always known the audio in isolation. It's more than evocative enough to conjure up its own images, because the sounds are just beautiful, exceptionally so.


Fire Byrd said...

I'm with you there, Alex put a favourite song of mine from a couple of years back on the other day.... For me the song meant seaside and green colours, the video showed four people dancing in a studio. Wasn't right at all, had to make an effort not to let it influence my feeling about the music.

bikerted said...
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bikerted said...

Just closed my eyes and let my fur stand on end. Beautifully haunting.

trousers said...

Exactly, fb, while there can actually be times when the music and the visuals go together well, then at times such as this the music is enough in itself, and you don't want other stuff filtering through into your perception of it.

Hi bikerted, and thanks for popping in again. Yes, that's exactly how it is, I'm glad you found it so.