Monday, 16 February 2009

Safety First

Just occasionally, I wonder if it takes something really "crazy" to happen, to serve as a reminder of how "normal" one is.

Other times I find myself wondering if there's more truth in the converse.


DJ Kirkby said...

How very profound....I think both ponderances are accurate though it does make my brain spin a bit if I think about it too long. xo

Brom said...

More truth in the converse eh? I'll have a look through my shoes when I get home.

Oh, I'm very intrigued by the link a few posts down about multilayered guitars. I can't see Youtube from here, so something else to look forward to when I get home.

Fire Byrd said...

you been pilfering that Finnish guy's blog??? this is just too surreal to even try and make sense of let alone ponder.You'll make your brain ache thinking about stuff like this
Tee Hee!!!