Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The non-loneliness of the short-distance cyclist: post script

Following my recent day of being randomly accosted by a number of people with varying degrees of bizarreness (in this post), today I happened to pass by the same gentleman mentioned in the first encounter of that particular escapade.

I'd been quite suspicious that his friendly greeting and jovial manner may have been a prelude to him asking for money: well today when I passed him (in a less than salubrious part of town, near where I work) he greeted me with just as much enthusiasm. I wouldn't have noticed him, sat as he was on a low wall near the pavement, nor would I have recognised his face: his actions gave him away though. Immediately I felt on the defensive once again - I wonder whether he greets everyone like that, or thinks he knows me - but he then proceeded to make a few comments about the weather.

I responded in kind - yep, fingers crossed it stays like this and so on, the sort of conversation you'd have while queueing in a shop - and that was it. A short wave, and onwards.

So he wasn't, it appears, after money. Whatever the reasons for his seemingly pathologically cheery disposition, it's nice to be proved wrong.


Jennyta said...

He looked at you and thought you seemed a nice, friendly sort ...it happens. :)

Bollinger Byrd said...

So we have post's written seemingly just for you from But Why,cheques you lie about, photographs that have nothing to do with the post they're in..... tell me do you think you need to increase the medication slightly??

trousers said...

Ah well, jennyta (notice I spelled it right this time) - it does happen, but round these parts it's better to be cynical and then proved wrong - hence I don't feel guilty about misjudging him. Sad that that's the case, but again, nice to be proved wrong.

b-byrd, I'm a bit puzzled about the cheques I lie about - have we got crossed wires somewhere? or am I just being a bit thick - but otherwise, yes my medication has been increased by a Herculean amount and I feel much better thanks xx

trousers said...

Sorry, b-byrd - it was me being a bit thick: I thought you meant the cheque from the rail company, now I realise it was the cheque in the post (allegedly) to but why?.

At least I was honest about my lying :)

Move along folks, nothing to see.... etc

doctor sin said...

We have moved along ok.
Jesus group sex next.

anticant said...

Don't be so misanthropic. Maybe he's just pleased to see you.

trousers said...

Misanthropic?? ME????

Well, er, yes. A bit. It's a rum (or downright sad) state of affairs but it's the best form of defence (inwardly) in some areas. Though I recognise the potential for damage to oneself.

Still, I'm thankfully not quite so cynical as not to enjoy having been proved wrong with this particular individual/

zola a social thing said...

Perhaps Trousers me old you should take a trip to the House of Commons.
Now that is scary.

DJ Kirkby said...

Perhaps he is an Aspie and practising his social skills? I make sure to smile at everyone I pass though I do get some strange looks in return.

trousers said...

No thanks zola, I don't think I want to go anywhere near that particular place...

It's possible, dj, though I hadn't thought of that.