Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Drawn (3)

Anyway (he began strangely, as though carrying on directly from where he left off), one of the things I mentioned in the post before last which has been a preoccupation:

I was given the task a couple of months ago, by a very senior person at work, of planning, setting up and carrying out some art sessions in which the various client groups could participate. Now this is something I really wanted to do, haven't done in a very long time, and was excited and daunted by in equal measure. I always get tense when I'm planning things as well.

In short, at the beginning of the week we (I didn't, I have to admit, do the planning and the rest on my own - I would have found that very difficult) ran the first session, and it was a good, positive start. So I'm pleased and relieved in an immediate sense, it's been good to finally get it underway - hence my mention in Monday's post about going out for a couple of well-deserved beers.

I'm also feeling positive about it, should it prove to be a longer-term success (it's very early days at the moment). Up until relatively recently I've been making lots of effort to try and find other, more art-related employment. So for once, it's a nice irony that during that time my own work has, at last, started to become more art-related.

It should hopefully mean that I'm happier there at least for a while. Additionally, should I feel the need to seek out other opportunities at whatever point, then these art sessions won't exactly do any harm to my CV.

I think there's going to be a lot of hard work involved in making this work, but for once it's the kind of hard work that I will relish.


That's So Pants said...

Hi Trews

You'll do a great job, I'm sure. This is not worry - this is planning.



Queen Vixen said...

Looking forward to a discussion about Art Therapy. Interesting stuff! xxx

trousers said...

Let's hope so pants - but there is always worry in planning for me at least :)

Indeed qv - though this isn't Art Therapy, it's still therapeutic at the very least (for me too!) x

zola a social thing said...

Good luck Trousers.
Hope you can find a use for art in a mechanical world where therapy itself is manufactured beyond all means.

Merkin said...

No celebration? Hmmmmmmph.

The organisers of the event hope that about one million pounds will be raised on the first music-themed 'Wrong Trousers Day, Wrong Trousers Rocks' on June 27.

Get with it, big man!!

DJ Kirkby said...

Y'ano Trousers...there is something about your art that makes me think of my favorite Stephen King novels, 'The Strand' and 'The Dark Tower' series. Obviously that is from a completly Aspie think stream, I can't trasnlate that into NT but perhaps you understand what I mean anyway?

trousers said...

zola, there's always a use for art as far as I'm concerned, especially so when bearing in mind the things you mention.

merk, I like the idea of Wrong Trousers Day, Wrong Trousers Rocks :)

I'm intrigued by what you say, dj, but I haven't read either of those novels/series that you mention so I can't comment directly on that. But maybe I'll pick up a copy of the strand and find out if I can see what you mean.

Reading the Signs said...

This sounds like wonderful stuff, Trousers. It's tension, but the good kind. And there I was wondering if the Chinese mafia were after you or something.

trousers said...

Yes, it isgood tension signs, well put. I'm not aware that the Chinese mafia are after me - but just to confuse matters further, this isn't the thing that I was preoccupied with when I posted that comment on your site...that related to a less-than-positive work thing, but something I didn't want to blog about.
Anyway, I digress...

moonoverwater said...

I love the work you've showed here. Reminds me of my favourite artist, on show at Tate Modern , as I write. Cy Twombly.....I have no idea why he moves me as he does but every time I see a piece of his work I want to cry for joy.

trousers said...

I really, really appreciate that, moonoverwater, thank you so much. Seriously.