Tuesday, 30 October 2007

A nice moment

What a shit title for a post. "A nice moment."

Anyway, before I rip my titles to shreds any further: a friend popped round earlier, someone with whom I've had periodic discussions about work, my attempts to change direction and get more involved in art-related activities. Lately I've been conscious of the fact that I'm still where I am work-wise, but at least starting to move on in other ways. None of this was on my mind however when she came over, but as we were sat talking she noticed the ever-growing pile of drawings on my table. I've not told anyone about my recommencing drawing, except here on this site.

"Wow, looks like you've been busy," she said. Yes, and about bloody time I've been busy: finally doing something, on however modest a scale, rather than continuing to say I need to do something. It spawned a discussion occupying similar territory to the conversations summarized above, but it felt a little more real this time, that further goals are ever-so-slightly more feasible, since I've at least made a start.

So that was the nice moment, in a nutshell. I still feel like I need to make a further qualifying statement to add on to that and maybe to diminish it, but I'll relegate such a qualification by putting it in brackets at the end of this sentence (yes I still need to make so much more effort to change my present circumstances but I'm not using that as an excuse to further delay things that I can be getting on with in the meantime). There. That's that out of the way.

I'll perhaps post some more drawings soon. It'll have to wait until the weekend though, when the following two things

being at home

will be something experienced concurrently (so that I can photograph them properly).


That's so pants said...

Hi Trews

I want to see your drawings. I put up my artwork - but then have little taste and absolutely no shame. I DO know I'm a bad artist though.

Pixie said...

creativity is in the air tonight, or have I got the lyrics wrong here!

Merkin said...

As long as you are getting something done - all roads lead to Rome.

trousers said...

Hi pants, I posted up a few of them a week or two ago (and you can see some others in an older post, "Landscapes of the mind"). Feel free to look and comment: I'd post some more now but the lack of decent light in which to photograph them hampers things a bit :)

Hi pixie, is that from Maxwell's Silver Hammer again?

merkin, absolutely: and at the very least, something is a lot better than nothing.

anticant said...

Never leave until tomorrow what you can do today. [Tomorrow may never come.]

There is only one good reason for doing anything, which is that you know it is the right thing to do. All the others are reasons for not doing it.

trousers said...

Wise words anti, too often I tend to follow its converse, ie

Never do today what you can leave until tomorrow...

Still, today I bought a couple of tubes of paint.

lavenderblue said...

Keep It Up !
(she cried )

szwagier said...

ah, got it sussed! :-)

Google's spies want to know who I am. While I'm not thrilled at being followed round the net - it's none of Google's damn business where I go - I guess I don't have a great deal of choice.

You win some, you lose some.

DJ Kirkby said...

Daylight and being at home..yeeeesss that is an experience to be savoured during the next few months!

Merkin said...

I am (watching) Spartacus.

Be there or be square.

trousers said...

Evening lav....gulp...

Hi szwag glad you got it sussed albeit with a price to pay. I have this temptation to say that at least you're not in a surveillance society like we are in the UK - but would that be disingenuous?

dj, indeedy - it was a bit weird a few days ago to think that, pending illness (feigned or otherwise) or some other mishap, it wouldn't be until Saturday that I see my flat in *proper* daylight.

merkin, I have to be square: though I'm obviously missing out.