Monday, 1 October 2007


Thanks to the dynamic blogger that is prada pixie, I have another award to add to my list (of one). I must admit to being rubbish with these things : I haven't doled out the last stack of awards in response to the previous one that came my way. My excuse is that I'm waiting for an ultra rainy day. Yes I know, we've had plenty of those, but it wasn't the right kind of rain.

I don't even know how many I'm supposed to give out, but what I like about this one is that no-one who has received it seems to know exactly what it's for: for me, that is precisely its appeal.

So, thank you pixie!

I shall bestow this on to just one other person, otherwise I'm in danger of passing it on to a number of people who already have it. For general all-round good bloggyness, frequently playful, thought-provoking and/or poignant writings, I salute you anna mr.


Pixie said...

my pleasure sweetie!

trousers said...

No stranger to bloggy awards yourself, I see..

Anna MR said...

Hello and hei, housut my dear. What a fab award, and I too care very much for the vagueness of the whole affair. I shall take this to mean that I can do what the hell I like with the thing, can't I? Hurrah. I really like doing what the hell I like. It is good.

You are a good sort, housut, a fine piece of legwear and make no mistake. Thank you. Kiitos. x

trousers said...

...and in turn, my pleasure, dearest anna!