Sunday, 16 September 2007

Walking with Pixie

Those who frequent Prada Pixie's blog might be forgiven for thinking that I've stolen some of her photographs of rather impressive scenery. I took these yesterday, having met up with Pixie for a walk.

I must admit to being scared and nervous before meeting her: I haven't met anyone Off The Internet before, since other such opportunities have unfortunately proven too difficult so far, for a number of reasons. So as I arrived at the station and stepped out onto the platform I was having to make sure I was breathing slowly and steadily to keep myself calm. What would I say? Would we have anything to talk about, or would we walk in an uncomfortable silence?

No such worries, I found her to be a very warm and friendly person and we conversed about life, the universe and everything over a four-hour walk. I even managed not to say anything bizarre (well, not at first anyway). It feels a very weird thing to me, meeting someone Off The Internet, but that really wasn't an issue on the day: we had a very pleasant and enjoyable time.

I shan't try and describe the walk that we did - hopefully the photos speak for themselves, plus there are authoritative descriptions on Pixie's own blog. But the scenery was great, the weather was kind to us, and I had the benefit of someone being able to give me all sorts of insights and stories about the place as though I was on a guided tour. I even managed not to fall and break my ankle, despite my best efforts on more than one occasion.

We rounded off the afternoon with a drink at a lovely pub, and if you like real ales I'd recommend a pint of Rich Ruby (notice how I remember the name of the beer but not the place names where we walked) . All in all, a very fine day was had, so thank you Pixie!

In fact the only downer was later on, courtesy of an otherwise adorable cat: I've been feeding him while his owners (or rather, staff) are away this weekend, and he chose to throw up on the carpet.
Bless him.


Neon said...

Last year I met a few people off a forum I hang out on and I was worried about it too. It seemed like a really weird thing to do- meeting people off the internet- there are plenty of warnings about tht sort of thing! But since that first time we have all gone out a few times, even though they are a lot younger than me they are a nice enough bunch and its great to meet different kinds of people.

trousers said...

Absolutely, neon. Although I was nervous I wouldn't have done it if I had felt uncomfortable for any reason and I'm sure that the same applies to pixie as well.
It's only right that there are warnings, and it's sensible to take note of them.

On the other hand I met a really nice person yesterday and had a good time, which sounds like it tallies with what you're describing too. It's something different for me, and while that was part of the nerves it was part of the appeal at the same time.

Lady in red said...

reading this I am now trying to remember who was the first blogger I met, I have now met several in the last year and got on well with all of them.

Pixie said...

OOhh 'really nice person'... who me... ooh, gone all shy now.

I enjoyed your company, despite, or, is that because of your off the wall humour.

Looking forward to next time.

But Why? said...

Great pictures. I am heartily jealous of the walk - I love a good stomp in the Peaks for blowing away the cobwebs of a working week, and I can believe that Pixie would make a fantastic guide for a walk.

But xx

Caroline said...

Fabulous photos.
And as for meeting people online, well some of my happiest/purest times have been with people I met via my blog. Connections make the world a happier place ... sometimes.

ItalianGigolo said...

Well, going on holiday with Lavender and Anticant was a high point in the year - and I had never even met GrumpyAunt before we went.

trousers said...

Hi lady in red, nice of you to stop by. Glad to hear your meetings have gone well.

Hi pixie, I think I showed admirable restraint in not letting my humour get too bizarre!

But why, I'd say go for it. The walk was just pitched at the right level too - some strenuous uphills but nothing scary - strenuous enough though to make the pint afterwards feel well earned.

Caroline, I still curse that I missed that opportunity to meet your good self and other bloggers. I'm glad you (and but why) liked the photos too.

italianmerkingigolo, I think that's amazing that you went away with someone you never met. That would be way too much of a leap into the unknown for my timid self!

DJ Kirkby said...

Stunning pics! Must meet up with Px myself if i can manage to convicne myself to stop being a recule for a day or two. Cat staff, lol, I love it.

Ario said...

Fantastic pictures. It's great when such a connection is made, isn't it?

NMJ said...

Trousers, That is great you met Pixie & you both hit it off, it could be totally nerve-wracking, but I've met a few blog friends now, and I think you just know from blogging that you are going to get on. Shame about the cat throwing up, though! Yuchh!!!

trousers said...

Hi and thanks ario!

nmj, yes it was great to read about you and anna mr getting together. It is weird (in a good way) how we can get to know people through blogging without having met them.

zola a social thing said...

Met a p..per...per..person once in a
never did find out her name.
But we practiced face-to-face morality.OK.


anticant said...

Yes - our Italian safari was an interesting week!

Face-to-face morality is a cut above waist-to-waist immorality with nameless persons, which has also been known to occur in pubs.....

trousers said...

Si spogli fino alla vita.