Monday, 17 September 2007

Something calming (but not in tablet form)

I've just spent half the evening wrapping myself in knots (or notes) trying to write a post which has so far proved beyond my capabilities. Weird stuff about dreams, the landscapes of the mind and how they resonate with external experiences and events - you know exactly what I'm talking about don't you.

Sod it, I've given up on that for tonight at least: I might have been a bit too ambitious. I may return to it though (consider that a threat as much as a promise).

Instead, for my benefit more than anything, here's a nice calming photograph (with only a hint of disquiet).


Caroline said...

Calm is good ... I can do calm (especially with a hint of disquiet). I look forward to the threat-filled post.

trousers said...

Hi Caroline, well I'm glad I at least tried to set my thoughts down - if I come back to it I'll probably completely rewrite it since it's currently the verbal equivalent of spaghetti.

NMJ said...

Re-writes are good, Trousers, that's what it's all about. It's always like spaghetti to begin with, believe me. I like your (but not in tablet form), it made me smile.

Pixie said...

yeah cause i know what your talking about LOL
but the pics good1

DJ Kirkby said...

Nice pic...I love pics...

trousers said...

Morning all - my brain's a bit like spaghetti at the moment, I seem to have picked up another cold (dammit! I NEVER used to get colds!).

So, nmj, I'll definitely rewrite, but not until my head's clear.

Hi pixie, well at least you liked the picture! I need to make sure when I do post the article up that it's clear, and not convoluted like it is at the moment.

And DJ, glad you like the picture.

zola a social thing said...

External Experiences ?
More public toilets are needed methinks.