Saturday, 8 September 2007

Strange tales

I was thinking the other day about the reasons I had started my blog.

One reason was there was a particular story I wanted to tell. It's a rather odd story, but something I've always remembered. I haven't posted it on here though, mainly because it's a rather lengthy, rambling, unwieldy sort of tale. It didn't seem satisfactory to post it up here in its entirety, or chopped up into separate chunks.

So I've set up a page where it now resides, and I think I might use the same page for any further writings which are likely to take up a lot more space and time (then again I might not, but it's there all the same).

It's split up into chapters - not because it's intended as a short story (it's just an extended blog entry), but to make it a bit more manageable.

Apologies in advance, but here it is.


Merkin said...

That was just fine.
Needless to say, I have a couple of Golden Shower stories but didn't want to despoil the pristine blog page.
Maybe next time.

trousers said...

Thanks Merkin, and I appreciate the restraint!

Pixie said...

we can all be grateful for that small mercy then!