Thursday, 20 September 2007

Navel Gazing

This week, I've not felt very eloquent.
I've been very insular and unsociable (extended conversations with representatives from British Gas don't count).
I've felt very frustrated: necessary change feels as distant (and challenging) a prospect as it ever did.
Old habits and patterns of behaviour are as ingrained as they ever were.


Pixie said...

So just stay as you are then.Don't change, and just think what fun you can have hating yourself, cause you don't like being like this. win win situation..... NOT

Ex.Polluter.Of.Minds. said...

Can you actually FEEL eloquent?
Sure, you can BE eloquent, or not, in a particular situation.
But to 'feel' it presupposes a a wee touch of the waccy baccy, no?.
Reminds me of my former next door neighbour and his friends in the band who were having a high old time at home one night.
They were listening to a very 'ambient music' sort of band which one of the hop-heads had stuck on.
They were chilling and enjoying majorly.
One of the guys said 'Who is that playing?' and went to check the cassete box.
'Fucking magic that band, never heard of them. 'Headcleaner', great band'.
Great baccy, more like.
And, of course, they all felt eloquent that night.

trousers said...

Hi pixie: it's not a case of hating myself (I don't), it IS a case of frustration and annoyance with myself though, which I would say is very different. I did wonder whether to post this because it feels self indulgent and I'm not after an "oh, poor trousers!" response. All the same, I thought I'd post it and that might help me not to feel quite so pissed off.

Hi merkin,
Feel/be eloquent? The fact that I made an error there, as such, kind of underlines the point really..

But Why? said...

Enjoy the navel gazing - it is self-indulgent but sometimes navels have to be gazed. Just don't let it last too long. x

zola a social thing said...

Shit our one-sock(ed) trousers is out walking and looking into the fox holes.
Sounds good to me.
Take a walk on the wildside and let us in too me old.
Power to the ankle I say.

NMJ said...

Hey Trousers, I think 'feel' eloquent is fine - I knew exactly what you meant. I'm sorry you are feeling dispirited, and I'm sorry you've had to speak to British Gas. x

lavenderblue said...

Get a Grip.
You feel eloquent to me.
Agree with nmj.
Fuck these wise asses.
Missed you xx

trousers said...

Welcome back lav, and thanks to you, but why, nmj and zola for your kind comments. And thanks equally (just to reiterate) for not saying "oh, poor trousers!"

Note that one of the tags for this was "kick up the arse", which does mean that all comments above are appreciated.

trousers said...

Still, it does look like our zola has posted this onto the wrong thread...

zola a social thing said...

what thread was that?

trousers said...

The one about walking with pixie - look at it through a scientific lens zola - the evidence is almost flawless!