Sunday, 5 August 2007

Weekend (3)

I had a shit weekend.

Far from being in a pleasant rural area, it was a place of unrestrained urban sprawl.

There was no atmosphere.

The local buildings had no character.

The scenery wasn't much cop.

There was nothing worth going to visit.

Not even any decent walking routes.

The weather was terrible.

The pace of life was way too hectic.

I couldn't relax.

My accommodation was nowhere near a pub.

Thank goodness that wasn't this weekend though - as you can see from the photos everything was just fine and dandy. I found out when I arrived that I was staying at Willersey, a charming little place: pleasant, scenic and very relaxed. The last picture is through the doorway of my accommodation (which was lovely) looking across to the pub. I'd thought I was staying inside the pub but it was a separate little building less than a weakling's stone's throw away. I'd warmly recommend it to anyone.

The only odd thing about the weekend was, as I went for a late night wander round after several delicious pints of ale, I was sure I could see sparks and flashing lights in a clearing in the trees. In my semi-inebriated state, the only thing I could think was that this seemed to be consistent with spot-welding or arc-welding.


anticant said...

Sounds Sinister.

Caroline said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend x

DJ Kirkby said...

oooh sounds like such a nice weekend although the sparkling lights might have freaked me out a bit! BTW DJ Kirkby is my pen anme as I write erotica which would be severly frowned upon by my employers. So sorry but no decks etc though I do adore trance music...

trousers said...

Oh yes it was verrrrrrrrry good indeed, but as always I could have done with being there much, much longer. Legs are aching from miles and miles of rural walks; liver is no doubt suffering a little too - but all worth it as far as I'm concerned.

dj, I don't know if I actually expected you to have decks or anything, but I realised when I saw your post that that was the picture which automatically sprang to mind - absurdly literal.

anticant said...

Lovely pics, trousers, you lucky so-and-so. Hope there was lovely company and lovely food,too. Sorry about the sore legs.

dj kirkby, why don't you rev up your fantasies and write erotica which would make your employers beg for more?

Pixie said...

Good part of the country that, Snowshill is a good climb.
Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Great pics.

DJ Kirkby said...

Hi anticant, my fantasies run at full throttle already... go read them... my employers would NOT be happy. Shhh....

MayanOnWillersey said...

Ritual Sacrifice, perchance.

Confucious he say :

'Man who mistake Ritual Welder for Time-Served Wiccaman soon find his heart is in the wrong place'

lavenderblue said...

How come you didn't know where you were going ?
Was it one of those ahem,Mystery Weekends....?
Were you gagged and blindfolded at any time....

trousers said...

'Man who mistake Ritual Welder for Time-Served Wiccaman soon find his heart is in the wrong place' - damn, if only I'd remembered that old phrase, mayanonwillersey - I just KNEW it would come in handy at some point.

Lav, I didn't know where I was going because I didn't take any notice - I never do til I get there. Bound and gagged? If I was, I don't remember it...