Friday, 3 August 2007

Weekend (2)

I'm off again, until Sunday. I'm not entirely sure where I'm going but it looks nice. Maybe I'll have some photos of I'm Not Sure Where This Is and the surrounding area to post up when I get back. Main thing is, I'm staying in a pub, so I'm sure I'll manage ok. Once again, have a good weekend all ye whomsoever enter here (eh?).


lavenderblue said...

Oh ?
Staying in a pub ,huh ?
Hmmmm,Ooooh, have one for me xx

ben trovato said...

There's a very respectable [except when LB and Z are around] coaching inn on the Yorkshire Wolds called the Burrow, where you will be very welcome to hole up for the weekend.

Our Resident Artist, LB, might even be prevailed upon to paint your portrait for a consideration.....

DJ Kirkby said...

Well the accomodation sounds superb...enjoy!

trousers said...

I had several, lav. Specially on the Friday: lunchtime, afternoon and evening. Oh, I did on Saturday as well. Somehow managed to combine this with several hours of walking (which of course meant that I deserved a beer or two..)

Thank you mr trovato for that kind offer. I'm also very good at sitting for having my portrait painted - after the aforementioned beers I can spend long amounts of time sitting motionless.

dj kirkby, see the new post for how nice it was :)