Monday, 6 August 2007

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I'm employing diversionary tactics here, since my mood has dipped with uncommon fierceness following such a sublime weekend. So now seems as good a time as any to respond to the fact that Charlotte tagged me the other week with her "5 Things" Meme, bless her.

Chances are I'll delay or avoid doing any further tags in the near future since this is the fourth I've done in a fairly short space of time - which is enough for any pair of trousers, even the hard-wearing denim variety. Still this "5 things" did look like fun so maybe it'll give me a bit of a lift. Thanks Charlotte!

What were you doing ten years ago?

Spending my weekends in a beautiful flat (more like a huge rambling old cottage) in the huge grounds of a heritage site in Derbyshire where my girlfriend was staying, since she had moved there to work. We were coming to the end of our relationship after several years but this was rather a fine swansong. Our break-up seemed inevitable under the circumstances but was about as amicable as it could possibly be. I was also taking antidepressants and having bereavement counselling: in the main though I remember this being a good time (which might sound odd having said what I've just said), albeit with a pretty intense edge to it.

I was listening obsessively to "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space" by Spiritualized throughout the whole summer, which in a way sums up its bitter-sweetness.

Five Snacks You Enjoy:

Pine kernel




Alpen cereal bars (strawberry and yoghurt flavour)

Five songs you know all the lyrics to:

Pale Blue Eyes by The Velvet Underground

Mutual Friend by Wire (very odd words, worth checking out)

Teenage Daughter by Fat Truckers (hope this isn't cheating, the only words in the song are "Teenage Daughter")

Careless Soul (traditional, arranged by Daniel Johnston)

No Expectations by The Rolling Stones

Five things you would do if you were a millionare:

Buy or rent an apartment abroad

Set up somewhere to record, paint and write


Get needlessly anxious

Carry out random acts of senseless generosity

Five Bad Habits:

Constantly drumming on tables, chairs and any other hittable surfaces

Grinding my teeth

Picking my nose (when I think no-one is looking)


Being pedantic

Five Things You Like Doing:





Creative things

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again:

Things which don't fit - otherwise, never say never (this answer is a cop-out, since this is something I would hardly think about)

Five Favourite Toys:



Endless cheap keyboards

Digital camera

George Foreman Lean Mean Low-Fat Grilling Machine

Once again, thanks to Charlotte for providing the means to some distraction during a rather melancholy moment. In a bid to get him off his backside and writing something, I'm tagging a certain welder.


anticant said...

At least you only pick your nose when you think no-one is looking.

Unlike Gordie Broon who does it in full view of the tv cameras.

Charlotte said...

I like the random acts of senseless generosity. I think all millionaires should do that; share the love a little. 'Twould make us ordinary mortals a lot less bitter.

Thanks for doing the meme!

Luddite.On.Film said...

Digital Camera?
Did not take him long to sell out!!

Caroline said...

I love my George Foreman Lean Mean Low-Fat Grilling Machine.

You're practically real these days Trousers. It's rather lovely.


trousers said...

anticant - thanks for putting a positive spin on that particular one!

charlotte - no problem, it was nice to do this one :)

luddite - yes, I know I am a sell out. It doesn't replace my SLR though, no way.

Caroline - wonderful things aren't they! I'm enjoying my increasing realness too x

DJ Kirkby said...

This was good. Hope your mood lifts soon.

trousers said...

Thanks dj :)

anticant said...

Random acts of senseless generosity? We'll soon cure 'em of that! See today's post in anticant's burrow.

trousers said...

Oh I saw the post anticant, but I haven't commented because I'm still trying to read through emmett's comments!

Black.On.Blue said...

Apologies, trousers, you know i am a miserable bastard.
All that Fall Musique got to me eventually.
Sad, but Troo.

anticant said...

Yes, the Gale stuff really seems to have tickled Wook's fancy. There are some more amusing comments on his own site.

lavenderblue said...

Let it all hang out,trousers

trousers said...

No apology needed, - mind you, the Fall always cheer me up.

Will do, lav..

Pixie said...

So be mindlessly generous with yourself and eat lots of choc whilst singing those songs out loud in a pedantic fashion. That'll shift the mood.

Anna MR said...

housut - This. Is. Not. A. Tag. But there's a Creative Blogger award for you at my house. Hope it cheers you up rather than pisses you off.


trousers said...

I appreciate the principle pixie, very much - but you should hear The Fall before you encourage anyone to , erm, sing their songs out loud. Certainly helpful for me, but I dunno about anyone in the vicinity. Actually, sod anyone in the vicinity!


Anna - thank you ever so!!!!!


Anna MR said...

And hei housut, remember that those five nominations of yours (which are, most emphatically, not a tag), are yours for keeps. So should you ever feel like giving any one of them to anyone, you're at liberty to do so, you liberated pair of legwear.


trousers said...

anna, I'll bear that in mind and save them for a suitable moment, or even better for a completely unsuitable moment.

I feel so liberated I'm practically a pair of slacks!