Thursday, 13 January 2011


As long as I spend no more than £3.10 during the daytime tomorrow, then I will have achieved an aim: the start of some serious budgeting. This week's budget for daytime spending was £12.50. I've never exactly been a profligate spender, but thus far it's been instructive to see just how much I can save without any really drastic difference to my day-to-day living.

In fact, I had an appointment this week regarding some longer-term monetary planning. I had an initial appointment last month, and this was to be the follow-up.

To be being the caveat in the last sentence, since I cancelled the appointment. Not because of a wish to bury my head in the financial sand, nor because I find such things dull, far too grown-up, and rather anxiety-provoking in equal measure. Nor because of an unconscious tendency to picture the advisor as an ogre and a bully who wants to take a jackboot to my rather laissez faire approach to such measures.

No, I didn't cancel it for any of those reasons. I would certainly have felt like doing so, since all the above reasons have weighed on my mind, but I would have been seriously disappointed in myself had I done so.

I cancelled it because work is once again at a point of precariousness. Despite the current climate it looks like, at the very least, I should still be in employment for the foreseeable future. But such details as if, when, why, what, how, who with, how often and for how much depend on a bewildering number of variables.

Thus, I see no sense in pushing ahead with longer-term plans just yet, not until such pressing short-term issues have been resolved: it will be collision time in that respect before the end of next month, I'm guessing. Plus I'd rather have just the one headache at a time, thank you very much.

In other, erm, "news", I find myself keep asking the question, "what does one do with January?". I've yet to find a definitive answer.

As well as cutting down on the amount of money I spend, I realised a few nights ago that I also need to cut down on caffeine - endless cups of tea in my case, coffee being more of a weekend indulgence - having lain awake for a good while and really not feeling able to relax. My mind was racing and not switching off, as I fervently tried to remember the name of a country on the Adriatic coast. No way was I going to get up and leaf through the book I'd been reading which mentioned said country, I had to remember without any external help.


Reading the Signs said...

If you ever do find out what one actually does with January, please will you let me know? At the moment I'm trying to find ways of fast-forwarding it.

Fire Byrd said...

When the tea did that to me I went cold turkey for a week, started drinking hot water, had a headache for a week as I detoxed and have never touched it since, and the hot water remains delicious! (oh and it's cheaper and better for me!)

Zhoen said...

I had to stop tea after 4PM. I can now have it a bit later, and I will re-brew (which has a lot less caffeine, and still tastes fine and hot) after.

For me, not carrying cash helps, since I won't buy anything with a card if it's piddling or I don't need it. That varies among people, since one is not limited to the cash on hand. All change in the change jar - to be cashed in when it looks full. And I really think about every purchase, if I really need it. Not touching anything you don't consciously intend to buy is supposed to help, I've never tried that one.

trousers said...

Signs, if I find out what one does with January, I'm going to patent it and sell it! I would, of course, let my bloggy friends in on it gratis.

FB, although it's certainly been too much caffeine, I think I've been drinking so much mainly for the comfort of hot drinks, rather than for the caffeine itself - I've bought myself some more herbal/fruit teas and am just switching to them after a certain point in the day.

Zhoen, all good tips. I do find however that if I set my mind to something I can follow it - so I could have £100 in my wallet (not that that's a likelihood) and still stick to the budget I've set myself without problem. Most of the money I've been spending is on food and snacks, rather than impulse buys, and I'm just setting sensible limits on cheaper options.