Wednesday, 19 January 2011

In brief (2)

Just had a walk around some of the nicer city suburbs for a couple of hours. Pleasant and leafy, and with a slight other-worldly aspect thanks to the clear night sky and the brilliant moonlight. The temperature had dropped tangibly by the time I was nearing home, I could feel it in my fingertips - by no means an unpleasant sensation.

I heard the lovely hooting sound of an owl, and saw two foxes.

Freshened up and sat in my usual chair, a snack of bread and butter feels like the nicest food ever.


Reading the Signs said...

Good bread and butter really is the nicest foof ever, I think.

An owl and two foxes is auspicious.

Reading the Signs said...

"Foof"? Oh well.

trousers said...

I like "foof".

I hope you're right about the owl/fox combo.

Anonymous said...

I like early mornings and late nights, they're nice times to be out and about, you see a lot more.

trousers said...

zhisou, I would love it if I could rise early enough to enjoy the quiet of the morning before getting ready for work. As such, the evenings are where I get to appreciate such things.

Sophia said... that sounds like THE perfect weather to not just inhale deeply into one's lungs....but for THE PERFECT hot cuppa of English Breakfast or Scottish Blend Tea. Ahhhh.

(raises her tea cup to you) ;)

trousers said...

Certainly the perfect weather - but just too late in the evening! Had to cut down my caffeine intake a little, so at that time in the evening I'm more likely to be drinking a fruit tea of some sort. I'll raise a cuppa of whatever concoction back to you all the same :)