Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Liver little

Just before the New Year, I received a letter from my GP asking me to attend for what they termed a "wellness check". I rang up to enquire about this and they said it was a routine set of tests just to see how I'm doing.

I confirmed an appointment with them, and went along last week. I didn't have any particular worries.

Well actually, I did.

What worried me, if anything, was what the results would be like, given that this was so soon after the holiday season. I was a Christmas cliche, having eaten and drank in a manner which would not befit the word 'moderation'. I did put on weight during that time, but I was less concerned about that than about the state of my liver and my kidneys, which must have taken a bit of a battering.

Still, what they were able to tell me at the time wasn't too bad: blood pressure fine, waist measurement within the acceptably healthy range, overall weight 3kg less than when they last did these tests with me. They took blood samples to test for: liver, kidney, and thyroid function; diabetes; cholesterol; and blood cell count.

The test results were due today, and I must admit I did get a bit nervous when the doctor started to go through my results.

Thankfully my liver, kidneys and thyroid are all functioning normally; no sign of diabetes; blood cell count fine; cholesterol....well, cholesterol slightly high, but nothing to worry about as such. I said to the doctor that I assumed this was the Christmas effect as much as anything, though I imagine it's more due to a love of cheese and beer.

Still, I'm relieved to have had a clean bill of health. Bodily organs aside, there's been more than enough to put my blood pressure to the test over the last year.


Zhoen said...


trousers said...

Very reassuring also :)

Reading the Signs said...

Mazel tov. Took me ages to work out what "liver little" was supposed to mean. But now I geddit. So I will.

(the WVLs are saying ytouitt - incredibly rude, even if I am a twit)

trousers said...

Well it was the only title I could think of, I'm afraid. It's been a while since I employed such dreadful puns - or at least, I think it has.

Those word vers are being rather pesky, I see...

nmj said...

Check you out, with your ultra clean bill of health! Great news, Trews :)

trousers said...

I know, nmj, check me out indeed! Of course the temptation upon receiving such good news is to head straight for the beer and the cheeseburgers and so on, but I remain reasonably moderate in my consumption so far at least :)