Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Last few conscious thoughts in November

Before my ears start to ring, I've turned the laptop and all the music software and various bits of equipment off. Immediately after I last posted on here, on Saturday morning, I spent a while on the music: as if to prove the thrust of that post wrong, I was very quickly in the middle of it all and making a few leaps forward, and having a great time with it.

Tonight's work has left me feeling altogether less satisfied, but for all the leaps and bounds there are many sessions like this one: valuable in that I've retained continuity, but otherwise less decisive or inspiring, or indeed inspired.

One of the reasons for me to pick up my various sound-generating devices and programs this evening was to consciously put a few daytime cares out of my mind for a while, and therein also lay the value. There have been tempers, tears and despair at work both today and yesterday. Not mine, I may add, though that's not to make any claims for some kind of resilience on my part. Nor am I unaffected by seeing what others are going through: I can readily recognise the anxieties, tribulations and doubts that I'm witnessing in a couple of key colleagues: I've known those things well enough myself, recently enough, and hardly consider myself immune from any fresh inroads that they may attempt on me at any given point in the future.

The 1st of December always makes me think of the same date in the mid-1970s ('75, perhaps) when I was eager to get to school, since I knew that we'd be starting to do Christmas-themed things: making decorations, reading stories and so on. The weather was as cold and icy as it is now and I remember approaching the school, walking at an incautious pace despite my mother's gentle reproaches. Sure enough I slipped on the ice and my excitement turned to tears, at least until my mother had got me up off the floor, consoled me and ensured I took more care for the remaining steps of the journey.


Zhoen said...

Yeah, I can relate. Whole lotta big crap going around work these days. Mine was the least tragic/permanent/damaging.

Fire Byrd said...

It's amazing how powerful Mums are at sorting out the hurting bits when your litle. Sometimes I wish it still worked!

trousers said...

Zhoen, yes though it was very tangible. Glad you've recovered so quickly.

FB - not so surprising given the weather, but I was mildly startled to see a similar thing happen to a child this morning, ie fell over and got picked up. 35 years after my oddly vivid memory.

Sophia said...

Wish I HAD a mom to sort out things like that sometimes! Glad you have one. I do get what you're saying here. Music...my desire. I totally have days where I'm not satisfied with what I do/right. Grr. Problem is, I can wear myself out by contiuing for hours trying to "fix" it when I should just walk away for a few hours and then come back to it! :)

trousers said...

Sophia, that memory has a certain poignancy for me, and you've kind of put it into perspective. As regards the music, it's not all that easy to judge when's best to walk away and come back fresh, or when to stick with it regardless.