Wednesday, 3 March 2010


...ah, that's it, I click on "New Post".

Anyway, whereas I felt like I'd woken up from my torpor in early February, now I feel like I'm rather more properly starting to wake up: because I have to. To echo that previous post, things don't just get done on their own. I have many things to organise and co-organise at work, in a very short time-frame: changes are now happening, and I will be doing much more art-related activity (in the form of sessions, workshops etc), possibly on a daily basis. There's a whole slew of structural and administrative things in place before that can start, and start it must.

Years ago I was desperately trying to change jobs to something more arty, and oddly enough my job has changed right under my nose without me going anywhere. It's exciting and daunting and there are so many things to do. So far it feels like a sense of urgency rather than outright panic, though I'm sure I'll have moments of the latter.

Also this week I've re-established a couple of valued connections: people I've known online since the earliest days of this blog and, in fact, since before then. Not that those connections were ever lost, nor even in need of urgent maintenance: but it's good to affirm that they're still there and as strong as needs be.

Despite my increased time offline (and my poor responses to blog comments and so on) of late, I hope to maintain my bloggy connections round these parts too.

Addendum-di-dum Oh yes, I forgot to add: today, I've decided, marks the official beginning of Birthday Season, in that there's a veritable cluster of them amongst people I know - friends, relatives, alive or not - cropping up with some regularity over the next couple of months (mine included). My grandad was born 99 years ago today - no longer with us, though he did reach the more-than-respectable age of 84.


Zhoen said...

Happy natalversary. I've never much liked having a mud season birthday, but as I get older, it gives me a reason to be cranky in February, as though I needed a reason. March would be much the same.

Fire Byrd said...

Good to see you here. Great stuff about work. I'll look forward to hearing al about it.

Montag said...

I read your post, and wanted to say something positive, but I remembered that infamous post from a couple of months ago, so I'll just say: May the wind be at your back, when you walk down those "country roads".