Saturday, 27 March 2010



Not because I don't have anything to write about. Suddenly, there are plenty of things - but they're underpinned by uncertainty, worry, and anger. Most of all, the fear that positive developments (blogged about fairly recently) which are so close as to be practically under my nose, may slip away.

I honestly don't know how things will transpire, nor how much influence I may have over any of it.

I'm a little lost and lonely at the moment.


Zhoen said...


When I feel like that, but want to post something, I write terrible haiku. Seems to help, oddly. Have you ever tried limericks?

Reading the Signs said...

Hosenkavalier, I have a certain intimation that all manner of things will be well - for the word ver leprechauns are saying intent, and this does, to my sign-reading way of thinking feel auspicious.

I like Zhoen's remedies, don't you? Think I might try it myself one day.

trousers said...

Thank you - I appreciate that from you both, Zhoen and Signs - particularly since I'm being quite oblique about the situation at hand.

Haiku/limericks - I haven't tried such things in these instances but I've done similar, such as taking words like "I don't know what to post about at the moment" and using each letter as the first letter in a new word (if you see what I mean).

Signs, I hope and trust that you are right about such auspices. I will bear all such things in mind as I negotiate the uncertain and unsettling territory that the next days are likely to, erm, constitute (sounds clunky but it'll do). x