Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Net Gain

My computer has been sorted, thanks to a mixture of calm, patience and a couple of long phone conversations with a friend who has the know-how to deal with these things.

It was sorted out pretty quickly in fact - within a couple of days. After that initial feeling of having lost something, however, it's felt more like the converse: I'm now reluctant, at least at the moment, to spend more than a little bit of time online each day.

Not from any sense that I should be doing other things: just that I've almost immediately found that I'm enjoying feeling less reliant on net time.

It's rather nice, in fact.


Zhoen said...

Good for you.

See you on the flipside.

Fire Byrd said...

Welcome back, albeit briefly before you switch the machine off again.

Reading the Signs said...

Well mazel tov about the computer anyway. Net time/other time - I tend to ricochet.

zhisou said...

I lost my main Mac the day after I spent hours configuring my new WiFi and days trying to get my old Nokia Internet tablet to connect. Then I set up an old Windows PC for my kids, bought a Netbook for my birthday and then the damn Mac packed in. For two weeks I did nothing but set up computers and try to get them to talk to the Internet. Now I have a lovely new Mac, it's very special.

DJ Kirkby said...

I've come to much the same conclusion and have begun shedding 'friends' from facebook. There just isn't enough of me to do all that I feel I should on here so I've begun finding ways to lessen the demand. I'm hoping it will give me more writing time.