Tuesday, 2 February 2010


So January arrived and then left again, during which time I plodded on in a low-key kind of way, laid low further by a persistent cough and cold in the latter half of the month. I get annoyed with myself for moaning about the annoyance of having a cough and cold. Meanwhile someone I know nearly died a couple of weeks ago (is on the mend now) which, you might say, puts things into perspective, but it doesn't actually have a direct effect on the annoyance factors of the aforementioned cough/cold combo. It just made me very thankful that said person is on the mend, while still I coughed and strained a muscle in my back.

No doubt the following statements are self-evident to a large degree, but I think I still need to voice them for my own benefit:

Blogs don't, generally, write themselves.

Musical ideas don't, generally, program themselves into my laptop.

Flight tickets don't, in a manner consistent with the above two points, book themselves.

Friends don't phone themselves (erm, if any of them do, I'd rather not know about it thank you very much. Sounds all a bit weird. Why would you phone yourself? No: what I mean is that I won't get to speak to certain friends unless I ring them up rather than just thinking about it. Not that it stops them from ringing me up. Why haven't they rung me up? Bollocks, I'm not going to phone them after all, selfish gits. See if I care)

Friendships don't just maintain themselves.

Sometimes, however, it appears that beer seems to drink itself. I had a few last night having gone out to see a rather fantastic band. My first beers of the year, and I happen to feel better today than I've felt for the last two weeks. Hopefully this is less because of the beer, and more that the cough/cold combo is finally loosening its lemsip-addled grip.

Oh, and just by the by, here's my guide to travel essentials:


Reading the Signs said...

Ah, and it may not surprise you to learn that novels and poems don't write themselves, something that I am still learning to cope with. But cakes and biscuits do eat themselves, and then charge the calories to my account. It's all (as Kevin the teenager used to say) so unfair!

Glad the cough/cold combo is on its way out.

trousers said...

Good evening signs. I think I had you in mind, in a way, when I wrote those "x don't y by themselves" lines, from a rather marvellous post you wrote ages ago.

(I don't mean that to sound like it's ages since you wrote any marvellous posts, might I add)

I'm glad it's not just me who gets stumped by the recurring revelation (?) that these things just don't get on with it without the necessary intervention from oneself.

Yes it's nice that the C & C is going - for its own sake, but also because it means I can stop bloody moaning about it. I hope things are good with you, health-wise and in general.

Zhoen said...

I have a problem with the friend one, too. But if they matter to me, it's up to me.

Entropy is a bugger.

Fire Byrd said...

And life does live itself without effort.... or with effort makes it worth living.