Friday, 12 February 2010

Walking Away

I wonder if it's a way of dealing with current uncertainties: I've really thrown myself into doing a lot of walking lately. I thought I wouldn't be fit enough, following a lot of beer drinking in December, and a lot of coughing and spluttering in January.

Last night, for example, I was going out to an event in town, which started around 8pm. I decided I would walk: the direct route would normally take about an hour and twenty minutes. I set off around 20 past six, but I went a hugely indirect route which took me in exactly the opposite direction for a good half an hour or so. Uphill, downhill, I maintained a fairly constant, fast pace: I wonder how my speed compared to those people who do power-walking or whatever it's called, where they look like they're wiggling their hips in a funny way.

At one point I looked at my watch, having walked quite a way since the last time I'd looked: a mere minute had passed, but I'd covered a lot of distance, making it feel like several minutes should have elapsed. Finally I got to the venue, around 5 past 8, having charged along a pied for almost an hour and three quarters: I didn't even feel tired, more like I had enabled the dissipation of nervous energy (or something like that).

Similarly, earlier in the week, I walked a route which normally takes just under 2 hours - I finished it in less than 1 hour 40.

The current uncertainties I refer to are, in the main, work-related. Not negative uncertainties either - it's more about change, which should be beneficial at least to some degree. Nonetheless, the very fact of change brings tension, and I presume such tension is what's serving to propel me.


Zhoen said...

I only wish I still had Boston to walk through. This city is not friendly to pedestrians. Hostile, even. And I could use a good walkabout, too.

ejenne said...

sounds doubly good for your well being x

trousers said...

The unfriendliness/hostility: is that the due to the way the city is laid out, Zhoen? Shame that you can't get any decent walking done.

ejenne! Good to see you. I haven't been very blog-proactive (or summat) lately, so appreciate you dropping by (which, by extension, goes for all visitors). Yes indeed - walking is so good for the mind and body. Perhaps the soul too, whatever that is. At some point soon I hope to get back on the bike too :) x

Zhoen said...

Boston has small blocks, curves, shops and parks and interesting corners everywhere. A five mile walk whips by. Salt Lake is huge blocks, straight lines, parking lots, a half mile feels like a trek across a desert.

Sophia said...

Walking is VERY good for dealing with any sort of stress in one's life. I would do it more if it were not for the fact that it has been so FREAKIN' COLD here!!! :)